Lesson Learned

It has been said that for one to learn, one has to make mistakes. If this is the case I am one step closer to being a genius this morning. I mention this because I think the mistake I made this morning is a fairly common mistake that is made be newer wetshavers. I am sure veteran wetshavers have made this mistake as well. Fortunately the choice I made this morning is one of the easiest and cheapest things to fix in all of wetshaving.


The mistake I made this morning was pushing a blade too far. I couldn’t remember if I had used the Personna Med Prep for 3 or 4 shaves already……..and I decided to use load it in the EJ DE89L and give it another go. BAD CHOICE. While the shave wasn’t super uncomfortable by any means, I could tell something was a bit off. The lather was perfect, the blade alignment was perfect, and my pre-shave routine was the same as it has been all week. After about the first pass I realized the blade was just about done. Yet I pushed it for 3 passes and paid for it when I splashed on the Witch Hazel. I am not sure if I have ever had such a burn after using a DE. WOW, my face went red and it really burned. Lesson learned. If you don’t know how many shaves are on a blade chuck it in the bin. Blades are so cheap that it is not worth the possibility of an uncomfortable shave. Sure I ended up with a DFS shave, but I did not like the route it took to get there.

I have found that the sharper the blade the less transition from usable to unusable. Feathers, Med Preps, and Gillette 7 O’clock black go from useable to unusable the fastest…around 4 shaves. Where I find a Gillette Platinum or a Rapira can be pushed a bit further and there isn’t that significant drop off.

Now Onto the shave!!!!


Razor : Edwin Jagger DE89L

Blade : Personna Med Prep

Soap : Haslinger Schafmilch

Brush : Wolf Whiskers ‘WHALER’ custom

Toner : Thayer’s Witch Hazel Aftershave

Aftershave : Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28 + Barberry Coast Havana

Lets just say the post shave saved me. My face was feeling rough after the shave, but between the witch hazel and the Barberry coast aftershave and balm my face now feels amazing….oh and it smells fantastic too.

Unfortunately the Med Prep let me down. I do love these blades, but do NOT push them…..or any blade for that matter. The EJ was great but overshadowed today by the blade. I am glad I was using my top soap in Haslinger Schafmilch today though. I think the added protection the soap offers kept the shave from being a massacre.

Being that it is Wednesday I had to use my Wolf Whisker Whaler!! What a STUNNER!



I know it look really blue in the pic, but its even more blue in real life, and the green is a just an awesome shade. I could not have imagined how well the handle would turn out. its better that I ever could have imagined. So much attention to detail…..just wow.

Using the Barberry coast aftershave and balm today reminded me to let everyone know that the Barberry Coast is running a massive giveaway starting on Friday. Go check them out on Instagram or Facebook, and even Pinterest for full details. I also have a post on my Instagram on how to get in on the givewaway (@froogle_jimmy). The products are awesome!!! And 100% top not. You truly get what you pay for with the Barberry Coast!!!

Cheers and have an awesome day everyone!


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