Zi’Peppino, The last word in Shaving Soap

If you were to organize all the shaving soaps available Razorock’s Zi’Peppino would likely be the final word if organized in alphabetical order. I am not going to say it is the best shaving soap ever made, or the greatest performer. However, I do have some words to say about it……


Zi’Peppino was at one time my absolute favorite soap. It still is in my Top 5. I would put it pretty darn close to number one when it comes to value. I always marvel at how inexpensive it is to buy. I was lucky enough to have a fellow wetshaver send me a jar for free, and I am forever grateful. I never in a million years would have thought to try this soap. Now almost a year after receiving it I have probably recommended it to more people than any other soap……Seriously if you are placing an order on Italian Barber or any site that offers Zi’Peppino just add it to your cart and thank me later.

This stuff lathers up super easy and provides a very slick lather. Good protection and one of the best scents in all of shaving. The scent is just awesome. A cologne like scent reminiscent of Eton College and other top notch cologne scents. While many of my top scents change just like the seasons or as I add new soaps to my den, Zi’Peppino will always be one of my favorites. It is fresh and is said to be the scent of the tobacco flower. I don’t get any floral scent, but it is a very green scent to my nose. It is very hard to describe. I have heard its kind of like DR Harris Arlington without the citrus and not quite as bright. To me it’s like a walking through a garden of flowers and plants in the morning after a light right before the flowers have bloomed. It is very fresh and green.

Does it perform?? If you have ever used any Razorock soaps then you know that it does! This soap is a great performer. Maybe the only part that I wouldn’t rank very high is post shave, but in all honesty I apply witch hazel and a balm after 99% of my shaves anyways. Also, the post isn’t bad, it’s just not up their with Haslinger and barrister and Mann.

I really could talk about Zi’Peppino forever, but I will not. I recommend it 100% to anyone. I’m not sure there is a better value in all of shaving!!!

Now onto the shave!!!!! I bet you can’t guess what soap I used!



Razor : Gillette ‘ Black Beauty’ Adjustable

Blade : Polsilver SI

PreShave : Proraso Green


Brush : Muhle STF Synthetic

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Balm

This morning was kind of a throwback shave. Aside from the brush, all of this stuff has been in my den for quite a while. These products were some of my first in every category. The Black Beauty was my first vintage if I remember correctly. I picked it up locally at an antique store along with another black beauty and a gold fat handled tech and a superspeed…..I think they were $7 each!!!! I then received the Bluebeard’s Revenge Balm and Thayer’s witch hazel. the balm is the bomb. A really underrated product in my opinion with one of the best scents on the market if you enjoy cologne type scents. The Proraso is probably my newest addition of the bunch(besides the brush). It gives a nice menthol boost to any shave.


This was a fantastic shave. the scent of the soap always makes me smile as does using my very first vintage/antique store find! The Bluebeard’s Revenge balm just completed the shave perfectly and the scent works very well with Zi’Peppino.

Another easy DFS shave and my face feels very supple and nourished! That’s 2 for 2 to start the week with great shaves…..can I go 5 for 5??

Have a great Tobacco Tuesday folks!!!!



  1. steve · May 12, 2015

    good soap, I miss mine that I passed onto a friend who really liked the scent. I’ll get one again some day soon once I’ve worked my way through the mountain of soap a little.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 12, 2015

      I feel the same about my TOBS cream. My dad took it and I really liked it, but I have a ton of soap to go through….and the mountain isn’t getting any smaller

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cap7597 · May 12, 2015

    I know what in using for RazoSabato this week!!!! 🙂
    Thanks. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Andrew Joyce · May 12, 2015

    Wish I had of seen this yesterday before I submitted my order with Italian Barber. Next time!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 12, 2015

      What DID you get Andrew? Sorry for being a day late….I guess I saved you a couple bucks if you think about it…. 😉


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