I for one couldn’t be happier that Spring is finally here on the East Coast. In case you missed it we East Coasters had an awful Winter. Tons of snow, a ridiculous amount of Ice that was still around until the end of April, and really cold temperatures…..However, I must digress. This past week the weather has been amazing. I don’t like complaining about weather especially after living in the rainiest city in Canada for 7 years, but this year has sucked up until now. I spoke recently about spring/summer scents and how I am a citrus fan and may have found my favorite warm weather scent in Barrister and Mann’s Ferox. I missed one of the few things that is even better than citrus in warm weather though………………………………………..


That’s Right!! For those of you who don’t know Queen Charlotte Soaps Vostok, it is one of the most cold mentholated soaps/creams on the market.As much as I love citrus, I love menthol in the heat equally as much. One of my top Menthol picks is QCS VOSTOK. This stuff is AWESOME and very cold. If you aren’t awake before your shave you will be once you apply this stuff. Its like dumping a Slurpee on your face…..but not as sticky or messy,..,.,…uh, errm, ok its nothing like dumping a Slurpee on your face, but its cold.

The Vostok has a menthol scent and has been described as a balsamic scent. To me its a nice scent that just reminds me of menthol and what I am getting myself into before my shave 🙂

The performance of this particular cream is awesome. I would say this cream is different from most as it has the consistency of more of a paste. It’s a very hard/sticky cream if that makes sense? It loads and lathers very well and performs very well. I would say it seems to be less drying than many creams for me and acts closer to a soap than the majority of creams.

Oh yes, the matching balm is a must for this cream. This stuff may be small but a tiny bit is more than enough to finish off your shave perfectly. Menthol? this balm has menthol and it kicks like a donkey! BOO-YA, now I’m awake. If the cream doesn’t wake you up, applying this sure will. This is an extremely well done mentholated balm.

Of all my mentholated soaps/creams this would only be second to QCS Iced Key Lime. The only difference being scent. The Iced Key Lime to me is just a superior scent and I find all other performance factors equal. Vostok and Iced Key Lime are 2 of my top 3 mentholated soaps and balms…..probably my Top 2 actually.


The Shave!

Pre-Shave : ????????

Razor : Gillette Aristocrat OC

Blade : Polsilver SI

Cream : Queen Charlotte Soaps – Vostok

Brush : Oscar11 w/ Omega Boar knot

Toner : Thayer’s Witch Hazel Aftershave

Aftershave : QCS Vostok Balm + Huggy Bear Mentholated Cherry Tobacco Splash

I rarely use a pre-shave. I read about them and hear people save they work awesome, while others, like myself, can take them or leave them. I have never disliked them, but I cannot say that I have ever noticed a major difference in my shaves when using them. I can see them being effective if you don’t shave right after getting out of the shower as they should soften the whiskers. Today I used a ‘yet to be released’ Pre-Shave. I applied it and let it soak in while I loaded my brush. A minute later I lathered up right on top of it. It did seem to make the razor glide a bit better. Not astronomically, but enough to notice. The scent was nice on it as well, although the Vostok quickly overpowered it. Am I sold on Pre-shaves? Time will tell, but so far I do enjoy this one and I will use it for my next few shaves.

The Aristocrat loaded with a Polsilver was my weapon of choice yet again. I simply find it hard to put this razor down. The Oscar11 custom boar brush has backbone for days and lathered up the Vostok in a hurry….too much backbone? Possibly, but I am liking it more and more, and it looks so DAMN NICE!

I finished the shave with Thayers Witch Hazel Aftershave. On the label it says ‘extra cool’. I don’t think it has added menthol, but there is some cooling properties for sure! I then splashed on some Mentholated Cherry Tobacco aftershave which is loaded with menthol. At this point my face is pretty cold as the Mentholated Cherry Tobacco is SUPER mentholated. Then to finish it off I used the QCS Vostok balm. My face felt like it was cryogenically frozen!!! What an exhilarating feeling that is not for the faint of heart!!


The shave overall was fantastic 98% BBS, and my face feels amazing! I would %100 recommend every single product I used today without hesitation. I could use this stuff everyday until the weather turns cold…..I Won’t…..But I could!

Stay cool and smooth my friends!!! And Have an awesome weekend…..AND DON’T FORGET ITS MOTHERS DAY ON SUNDAY!!!!



  1. Andrew Joyce · May 8, 2015

    Am also from Eastern Canada ( Nova Scotia) would luv to give this a go. Any suggestions of where to shop locally for wetshaving supplies?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 8, 2015

      Andrew, for soap and a brush I’d say Shoppers. They have proraso software and omega brushes. I know we are gonna do another meet up soon and you should come. I’d be more than happy to pass on some soap and blades to u. I think there are a couple shops in Halifax and one in lunenberg that sell shave gear. I mostly shop online.


    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 8, 2015

      Where in NS are you?


      • Andrew · May 11, 2015

        Moved to Dartmouth almost 1 year ago

        Liked by 1 person

      • Froogle_Jimmy · May 11, 2015

        nice! Im further down the eastern shore. I will keep you posted of any future meet ups. Also I recommend joining the Canadian Wet shavers Facebook group. lots of great fellow canadian wet shavers…plus that is where we organize any meet ups!


  2. mickeyobe · May 8, 2015

    I am a hot lather addict. I went so far as to develop a lathering bowl that is electrically heated thus keeping the lather warm as long as I wish. I collaborated with a lady in Modiin, Israel who is a talented ceramic artist and potter. Michal Yoresh named the bowl after me – the Mickey Bowl.
    So now I rank right up there with the Rose Bowl, Rice Bowl, Soup Bowl, Fish Bowl and Toilet Bowl. Fame, at last.

    What kind of irreversible natural catastrophe might occur if I were to put an icy shaving cream in a heated bowl?
    A nuclear reaction? Creation of a Dark Hole? Global warming and cooling together? I am sure Toronto’s Transit System (TTC) would break down at the very least.

    Any advice would be welcome.


    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 8, 2015

      The. Universe would likely collapse onto itself if you were to add menthol to said bowl……’oh the humanity’


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