Lackluster to Lovely

Not all things in wet shaving are amazing. There are products that simply don’t perform. There are products that don’t have pleasant scents. For all the great soaps and creams out there, there are quite a few sub par ones as well. Today I encountered a cream that just lacked performance. It smelled fantastic, but scent alone won’t cut it. However there was a silver lining to this cream!


While this cream was FAR from being a decent performer it was only a prototype. This product is in the testing phase and I have been asked to review it. This is what all artisans and Etsy sellers etc should do. Don’t just put a subpar product to market without having it tested by a good number of people. Also if you are going to have testers its a good idea to have non-biased people to do it. I have no affiliation to this artisan and was very excited to review this product knowing that it was still in testing phase and the final formulation is still a few tweaks away. Earlier I had mentioned the scent and I meant it. This is a wonderful smelling cream that I would buy once the formulation gets tweaked and  has better performance. The consistency of the cream was nice in the tin. I struggled a bit to make a decent lather and once the lather was applied it dissipated very quickly. I don’t think it was an issue with the amount of cream or water as I did load a good amount of cream and slowly added water……live and learn. I will be sure to let the artisan know my feelings and hopefully help him tweak this formula. The funny thing is the other cream prototype I was sent from him worked very well in comparison.

The silver lining to this is that this is not in production and will be tweaked into a great cream in time! It also allowed me to switch and use a different soap after my first pass!!!


Razor : Gillette Fatboy

Blade : Polsilver SI

Brush : Holy Black with VS 24mm Silvertip Knot

Cream : ????????? Top Secret Prototype

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Elvado Wild Mint Lime

The other pieces in this shave puzzle were great. The Holy Black Brush is just so damn Badass looking! And the new knot is pretty nice as well. So much bigger than I had expected….even after it arrived pre-bloom I didn’t think it would be this big. It is really soft and has some nice face feel. Not scritch just enough backbone that you know its there.

The replacement soap was Strop Shoppe Pomegranate Cider………sotdmay7-1 I love Strop Shoppe and this was my first time using this scent. I was worried about irritation because the gent I bought it off had been irritated by it. However I had zero irritation and the scent is quite nice. Definitely more of a winter fall scent, but really nice none the less. It kind of reminded me of a nice Christmas Candle, or as the name says cider mixed with some sweetness. performance was awesome and the Silvertip whipped up some incredible lather!!

I dialed the Fatboy down to 4 and loaded it with the Polsilver SI. I was surprised by how well this worked out. I’m not a huge fan of the Fatboy but it sure worked for me today. A DFS shave and so close to BBS.

I splashed on the Thayer’s Lemon and allowed it to dry before applying some balm. I will not be using the Alum again for a long time. The Witch Hazel just feels so much nicer and leaves ZERO residue on my skin. Maybe the Alum block is better after an extremely rough shave, but I much prefer the Witch Hazel.

For the Balm I went with the Elvado Wild Mint Lime again. After a few uses this week I can say that this is a really nice balm for me. Vegan and made with great stuff. I feel good putting this on my face and it feels good too. I really like how quickly it absorbs and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. And the scent is fairly versatile. I think it could pair with more than just citrus scents as the lime isnt overpowering and neither is the mint. I think it could be paired with some cologne scented and soaps like Zi’Peppino or even TOBS Eton College. A year round balm for sure. I love my QCS Iced Key Lime but it is definitely a Spring/Summer Balm laced with menthol and strong Lime scent.

The Elvado Wild Mint Lime aftershave Balm I would 100% say is worth a buy. Made with quality ingredients, made in Canada, and Vegan its a winner in my book!

Keep on shaving and enjoy the Spring!! (unles you are in Edmonton in which case you should be out shovelling).



  1. Cap7597 · May 7, 2015

    Good report! Love the brush.
    Is the Fat Boy the same aggressiveness as the Slim? Would a 4 on each feel the same?
    Thanks. Keep up the great blog.


    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 7, 2015

      thanks Cap, yes i think the slim and Fatboy share the same agreession if i am not mistaken, just slightly different head shapes.


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