Wolf Whisker ‘Whaler’ Wednesday with Wild Mint Lime……AKA I Adore Alliteration

In the past couple of weeks I have added so many new soaps and creams to my den. Full tubs to samples and some other software as well. So many that I am finding it hard to try them all and write good reviews. Thankfully, besides the odd scent that wasn’t my cup of tea, these soaps have all really been great to say the least. Now, with all of these great soaps it makes it difficult to choose a favorite and decide which soaps to keep around and which to sell/trade/PIF. Things such as customer service, and ingredients are now playing an even bigger role in which products I chose.


Today’s new ELVADO software comes from Ontario, Canada! The province I was born in and spent the majority of my life. So that’s a positive for me. Supporting a fellow Canadian is always great. The Elvado products are certified Vegan which is great and a big plus for a lot of guys who are against animal testing and want to use all natural products. The fragrance in these products is also 100% natural….nothing synthetic or artificial, Premium essential oils are whats used in the blends. This is a major plus for a couple reasons, but the biggest being some people are allergic to fragrance oils…I for one get irritation from a few fragrance oils but not the essential oil of the same scent. So Vegan, Canadian, and only Essential oils!!! Question is how will it all perform without Tallowy goodness??

The SHAVE!!!

Razor : Gillette Sheraton

Blade : Polsilver SI

Soap : Elvado Wild Mint Lime

Brush : Wolf Whiskers ‘Whaler’

Toner : Alum

Aftershave : Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28 + Elvado Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm

The shave ended in a nice DFS, but  getting there was the issue. Once again the Sheraton just didn’t work for me. No matter the blade, this razor just causes irritation. It’s sad because I really love this razor, but it just simply doesn’t perform for me.


The soap was a different story. At first glance this soap looks different from all soaps that I have tried. Its pure white and almost looks like it would be gelatinous. However I would say it is closer to a hard soap than a croap. I loaded my 2-Band WW brush for about 30 seconds. This stuff loads very easy and just like other soaps. I was surprised as I thought based on the appearance it may be difficult to load. Once loaded I started face lathering and again I was surprised by how well it lathered especially because I really love the lather of Tallow soaps lately. This soap had great lather and it kind of blew me away from what I expected of a vegan/organic soap.

The wild mint lime scent is very very pleasant. not overly Limey and not overly minty either. A nice blend of both. You can definitely pick up both notes easily. The lime seems nice and natural and not cloying and synthetic to my nose. The mint adds a nice note to the soap. The scent is relaxing almost like a nice herbal tea mixed with a spritz of lime.

Overall the soap is a winner in my book for many reasons. For those who just base there choices on performance I still think this soap is a winner. For those who take all the other factors into consideration this is AWESOME soap.

The matching Balm has the same scent profile as the soap. So I won’t say anything more than the scent is great. The performance is great, I did apply a bit more than I would have my QCS balms, but the end result was fantastic. And the bottle is 4 or 5x the size of QCS. My face needed some help after the shave and this really helped nourish it. Maybe its the African shea butter that really nourishes and is in both the balm and soap?? Whatever it is my face is really damn soft and nourished!!


I splashed on some Barberry Coast Bay Rum as well and it smelled killer with the hint of lime!!!

I used Alum instead of Thayer’s Witch Hazel today and I am not a fan. I like how it really pinpoints where you irritated your skin, but I hate the residue it leaves and how it feels. Back to Witch Hazel from now on.

Lastly the Wolf Whiskers Whaler brush!!! It is just a thing of beauty. I love the fact I helped design it with Peter. He is incredible to deal with. If you want a custom get on his list. It is 100% worth it and more.


My pics don’t do it any justice at all. This thing is amazing in every aspect. I have really figured out the knot my past couple of shaves and it is starting to really perform well.

Have a great day and some BBS shaves!!!



  1. Andrew Joyce · May 6, 2015

    Seems the review at TheShaveDen http://theshaveden.com/forums/threads/elvado-shave-soap-review.40721/ wasn’t as favourable, giving credence to YMMV. Nice to see the favourable review on this quality product

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 6, 2015

      That review is from November 2014 and I think they have reformulated. But of course YMMV.
      Cheers Andrew and thanks for reading


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