Give me Coffee or Give me Death!

Is there anything better than the aroma of coffee in the morning if you are a coffee lover. The rich aroma wafting through the house. The smell of roasted beans is such a wonderful scent. Perhaps its the caffeine that I love, or perhaps its the actual flavor. One thing is for sure I LOVE my morning cup of Joe!


Now, usually I don’t smell coffee until I start brewing it after my morning shower and shave routine. However, this morning I had the pleasure of using yet another great artisan soap. ESPRESSO from Reef Point Soaps. If you love coffee, or espresso or cappuccino this soap is for you. I made my wife smell it without telling her what it was and she said that it smelled like coffee…..sure she followed that with asking why I would want my face to smell like coffee. None the less this soap smells great. I get the scent of a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar with some other notes as well. To me its smells more like a specialty coffee drink rather than a straight coffee/espresso. Some sweet notes of caramel give it that specialty coffee aroma to my nose. If you haven’t already guessed I really love the scent of this soap!

You probably are tired of hearing me go on about the scent. So lets talk about performance. Awesome! That’s right. Another artisan producing a fantastic soap. This stuff loaded as  easy as any artisan soap I have ever used. I loaded for maybe 25 seconds and had enough lather for 3 passes with ease. Despite the brush being a slight lather hog, it was easily enough for me. The lather whipped up super easy on the face as well. Nice and creamy and slick.

Protection, oh yeah, it has lots. I loaded a new Polsilver blade into my 34′ aristocrat OC and got ZERO irritation and an awesome BBS that rivals my best shaves ever. I had been on the fence about Polsilvers when I first tried them a few months ago. However, with some time and improved technique these are a great blade.

My overall impression of this soap after one use is this is a great soap. Easy to lather and provides some great lather. And the scent is a coffee lovers dream!!!

The rest of my shave!


Razor : 1934 Aristocrat TTO OC

Blade : Polsilver SI

Soap : Reef Point – Espresso

Brush : Wolf Whiskers ‘Whaler’

Aftershave : Huggy Bear Maple Bay Rum + The Barberry Coast Havana aftershave balm

There is nothing I can say about my Wolf Whiskers Brush that I haven’t said before. This brush is amazing. Pillowy soft and looks phenomenal in my opinion.

The Maple Bay Rum is outstanding and the Havana pairs awesome with the ESPRESSO!! Yet another match for this awesome balm!

The Aristorcrat is simply my favorite razor….Bar None. I had thought my Gillette New was, but No. This razor ALWAYS gives me a great shave regardless of blade. I also restored the case and cleaned up the razor after I acquired it. That makes a difference to me as well when you have time invested in a razor…..and its looks. I think it may be the best looking razor ever made. In the conversation at least.


The Crat isn’t in mint condition, it could use a replate of the head. But there is something about seeing the years that have been put on it that adds character. All of its teeth are straight which is pretty awesome for such an old razor as well. If you can get your hands on an aristocrat I think it’s a must. They are well made and stunning to look at. Hard to believe that I love a 81 year old razor more than any modern ones.

Now I am rambling. Have a great day everyone!!



  1. Dru · April 30, 2015

    Coffee! I recently acquired some Bailey’s Irish Coffee from Catie’s Bubbles – not had the opportunity to try it yet but it does smell divine in the tub! As for the Pol Silvers… I tried them for the first time yesterday… And I have to say that I am super impressed – I think I my have to pick up a 100 pack and pass on my Persona lab blues…

    Liking the blog…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · April 30, 2015

      Dru, I can imagine the Caties would smell great. The polsilvers are pretty awesome. Lab blues are good, but not quite up to the level of a polsiler. I think a 100 pack is pricey for polsilvers


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