When a MAIL CALL can only be described as EPIC!!

Sometimes a simple trip to the mail box is more than just that. Sometimes what you pick up at the mail box can only be described as EPIC!! Yesterday I took a trip to the post office and had a parcel waiting for me…..scratch that, I had a big box waiting for me. My heart started racing a bit too. I knew what it was and wanted to rip it open right then and there but alas, I resisted.

I arrived home and ripped the box open. What I had was 6 new soaps and 4 of them were made by artisans I have not tried. the other two from two of my favorite artisans…….Here is a pic!

Clockwise from Top Left - Reef Point Espresso, B&M Ferox, Chisled Face Sherlock, CRSW Select Citrus, Reef Point Submariner, Strop Shoppe Pomegranite and Cider(middle)

Clockwise from Top Left – Reef Point Espresso, B&M Ferox, Chisled Face Sherlock, CRSW Select Citrus, Reef Point Submariner, Strop Shoppe Pomegranite Cider(middle)

Oh, you know I opened each and every one of them and sniffed away. Here are my initial scent impressions:

Barrister and Mann Ferox – Awesome, The grapefruit is bright and really shines in this soap. I am a huge grapefruit fan, so this is right up my alley.

Strop Shoppe pomegranate Cider – This is awesome stuff as well. Smells almost like a Christmas candle if you just get a slight whiff, but once you really get your nose into it the scent is really nice and strong. Apple cider with hints of pomegranate. If you like cider and apple scents this soap is scented wonderfully.

Cold River Soap Works Select Citrus – This is a great zesty citrus scent. Strongly scented which is great and almost reminds me of Caties bubble Boucles Fruite, just a bit stronger and citrusy. Really nice if you like citrus.

Chiseled Face Groomatorium Sherlock – This is a scent that I keep coming back to. Do I like, or do I not like it? I am not sure. the scent conjures up memories of my Fathers Father who if I recall correctly smoked a pipe. An intriguing scent which suits the name Sherlock perfectly.

Reef Point Soaps – Espresso – I love coffee, I love espresso, I love this scent. I actually got my wife to smell it and didn’t tell her what it was. She said “it smells like coffee”. To me it smells just like a Coffee Crisp Chocolate bar!!! I could see some loving this and some may find it a bit sweet. To me its a winner.

Reef Point Soaps – Submariner – This is my least favorite of the scents. I get banana out of it for some reason….Banana and swimming pool. Now I haven’t bloomed it or anything so this is just a first impression. I’m looking forward to trying it none the less.

So those are my initial thoughts….perhaps my nose is off a bit, but some favorites have definitely shown themselves and I look forward to using them all.

Of Course I had to shave with one today despite having my rotation set for the week. My Choice………………………………


Razor : Edwin Jagger DE89L

Blade : Feather (4)

Soap : CRSW Select Citrus

Brush : Holy Black Handle with a Virginia Sheng 24mm SilverTip knot!

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Queen Charlotte Soaps Iced Key Lime Balm + Ja-Lu Toiletries Limon aftershave splash


The soap. After one use it is safe to see that I am seeing why it is such a popular line. Great scent and scent strength. Super easy to load. And the latherability is as good as any soap I have tried. Post shave feel was really nice as well. This soap flat out performed. now I usually don’t care too much about presentation, but this soap is just beautiful. Nice aluminum tub with great black and white contrasting label. The standout is the red ‘S’ seal. It reminds of a stamped seal from yesteryear. I looks stunning and the tin is a screw top which I also like. This soap will get a lot of use this spring, that is for sure.

Oh, the brush you say? Yes I just knotted it a couple days ago and today was its first go round. This knot is really big. Wow, once bloomed it is by far my biggest brush. Really soft and a nice bit of backbone as well. I have to get used to loading more soap with this brush though as it does seem like a bit of a lather hog. Which can be expected of a large dense knot. As I mentioned it was my first use so these opinions may change. Seems like a great knot for the price though. The quality seems great as well…..its just BIG and I have small face. The handle in my opinion is super BADASS and is a show stopper.

The Feather definetly wont see shave #5. I got a nice weeper and irritation free shave but could feel a drop in sharpness and smoothness toward the end of the against the grain final pass. The EJ is just a great razor. Easy to use and provides a great shave and doesn’t break the bank…..but looks like it could.

To finish my shave I used Thayer’s Lemon followed by Iced Key Lime Balm!! Iced Key Lime is an awesome balm. Its cold and has an awesome lime scent. The Limon aftershave just finished the shave nicely with a subtle lemon scent. Feeling good and citrusy today. I find citrus brightens my mood and hopefully it helps attract some spring weather!!!

Shave on my friends and have a great HUMP DAY!!!


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