Knot your average Brush!

Although I didn’t have a shave on Saturday or Sunday that doesn’t mean I avoided wetshaving all together. I actually received a Silvertip knot in the mail late last week and re-knotted one of the coolest handles in all of wetshaving. I thought it was just going to be a simple task, but somewhere along the lines I mis-measured the opening in the brush handle, or I was sent a larger knot.


Needless to say when I tried putting the knot in the brush it was too big. Not WAY to big, but I was unable to fully sink the knot into the handle. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I had access to different tools like a drill or a Dremmel. However I don’t have access or own them, so it was time to hand sand. A 30 second job with a power tool was now a two night event. OK, I only sanded for about 30-40 minutes each night. Still, this was a lot more work than I had wanted to do. Once the hole was expanded by about a mm the knot sunk in perfectly, and the loft looked great.

Knot installed and epoxied! (pre-bloom)

Knot installed and epoxied! (pre-bloom)

I am biased but the brush looked awesome and the knot was of greater quality than I had expected. This 23.5mm knot was closer to 24-24.5mm. I had thought I had ordered the regular Silvertip, but this must be the extra dense knot. This knot is super dense compared to other knots I have seen and really soft. I had heard good things about these knots and I am very happy with it. I decided to wash the knot and give it a quick load and lather. It was a bit dirty upon washing it as most new knots tend to be. The knot was easy to clean and the water was running clear within a minute or so. I test lathered the soap with Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge. The brush loaded up really well. When I started to bowl lather I started to notice just how big and dense the knot was. Holy this thing was blooming. I have a pretty small/narrow face and I think this thing will take two strokes to cover it.

Knot bloomed after a test lather.

Knot bloomed after a test lather.

Needless to say I am very excited to give this brush a go this week. I had always loved this handle and people would always ask about it. Unfortunately the knot it was loaded with fell out of favor in my den after I had acquired some 2 bands and boars and synthetics. It had been loaded with a black badger which had just a bit too much scritch for me. It was quite soft and great in all other regards though. I will post my thoughts on the new knot this week after I use it.



Razor : Gillette New Head / iKon Bulldog Handle

Blade : Feather

Brush : Semogue Owners Club

Soap : Jeeves of Hudson Street – Cherry Blossom

Toner : Thayer’s Cucumber Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Huggy Bear Mentholated Cherry + Nivea Soft

I cannot tell a lie. I was kind of worried loading a feather blade in my Gillette New Open Comb head. I thought that this shave could go horribly wrong. I thought ‘perhaps I will get a BBS with 150 weepers.’ Well, only one of those things happened. I got an amazing BBS shave. I think a feather blade on its third shave is just about perfect. The blade has lost its ‘harshness’ and has become super smooth in my opinion. Add to it the iKon handle and it was an effortless shave.

The soap again performed great and protected me from the feather. The scent is just great to my nose and this soap will stay in my rotation. Especially during the spring.

The Mentholated Cherry seems to be getting stronger and today it felt like a drop kick to the face. Yes my eyes watered, but I sure was awake this morning! The Nivea soft is just a great budget balm with minimal scent to take away from your chosen splash of the day.

The SOC boar is just a fantastic brush. Could it use a bit of backbone? Yeah, maybe…..but only a little. I cannot speak any more highly or anymore about my love of this brush. If you like boars and do not own this….well, you are seriously missing out.

This mornings shave was seriously one of my greatest ever. So easy and the final result is making it hard for me to keep my hands off my face. A great start to the week!


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