Tabac to Basics!

Once in a while its nice to put away the artisan soap and use an old standby. Something that always performs at a high level and is just a NO NONSENSE soap. For me when I want this I reach for one of two soaps: Proraso Green or TABAC! Today I chose Tabac. It’s a must try in my opinion. I would say just go out and buy it, but its scent can be polarizing to say the very least. It has been described as the scent of ‘Archie Bunkers shirt’, an old ladies hand bag, and even 1970’s gigolo. While hilarious descriptions I don’t share the exact same sentiment.


The scent to me is a light floral tobacco flower scent. It is very powdery and I think that’s what can throw people off. I would say it leans more towards masculine than feminine, but it’s not an uber manly tobacco scent like PAA Cavendish, which I also love. The scent grew on me with my first few uses and now I just love it and want everyone to try is. I sliced off samples at a recent shaving meetup as I just wanted guys to try it. Surprisingly of the five guys who smelled it they all really liked it. I think it’s the nostalgic scent that brings guys in. It reminds me of my grandfather whom I loved dearly and that’s what one of the guys said when he smelled it. “It smells like me Gandpa” then another guy said that his grandfather used Tabac and didn’t realize what it was until he saw the jar(I brought the stick, another guy brought the iconic jar).

Enough about scent…lets look at the SOTD

Razor : Edwin Jagger DE89L

Blade : Feather

Soap : TABAC!!

Brush : Semogue IB limited edition

Aftershave Balm : The Barberry Coast Havana Aftershave Balm

Aftershave Splash : Huggy Bear Mentholated Cherry Tobacco


Not only did I go with a classic soap but I used my full EJ DE89L Razor. I really love this razor and recommend it to any newbies who are getting into wet shaving. It looks amazing and performs fantastic. Despite its look the handle never feels slippery to me. The brush is another of my top pics for its price….$20 for an awesome brush that just seems like the Semogue Owners Clubs little brother(not that much smaller). Great backbone and just rips into soaps and whips up lather with ease. I must also mention that the handle shape feels very natural in hand the paint job is exquisite.

The Tabac performed %100 how I wanted it to. Fantastic thick creamy, cushiony, and slick lather. My favourite part of this lather is how thick and cushioning it is for me. I don’t have a negative word to say about it. It lathers so easy and is very protective.

As for post shave I find it to be very good. Others have said its drying. It is odd that this soap has quite opposing opinions on its post shave.

For my aftershave I applied my Huggy Bear Mentholated Cherry Tobacco splash. I used this stuff yesterday and didn’t get much menthol from it……well, scratch that as today I got a slap in the face from menthol. AWESOME! A wonderful burn and menthol kick. Not crazy make your eyes water and put on a scarf cold. However it is above average from menthol to be sure. Very strong cherry scent from the bottle. As I said yesterday the scent mellows as soon as its splashed on. I think with a wee bit of tweaking this splash will be a favorite of many.

From start to finish this was a very enjoyable shave. Finished with an easy DFS, with minimal neck irritation!!

Cheers shavers and have an awesome day!!


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