Ask Jeeves…I mean Use Jeeves

I love trying new products and doing reviews. Yesterday I received a puck of Jeeves of Hudson Street’s Cherry Blossom Soap. Stay tuned for my first impressions of this artisans soap.

I had seen the Jeeves of Hudson Street page pop-up on my Facebook feed a few times but hadn’t ever researched the soaps too much. And what I had seen a few months back were mediocre reviews. Nothing bad, nothing sensational. There are just so many out there that some do slip through the cracks. While some just get drowned out by certain soaps that get hyped up on the groups.

Bryon, who is the artisan behind Jeeves, contacted me on Facebook after he had read my blog. He said how he liked the honesty and was wondering if I would review his soaps. I agreed to test out and review the soap, but warned him that I was going to be blatantly honest about the soap. He was more than happy with my response. This made me happy because it meant he wants feedback and to produce a top quality product. I chatted with Bryon back and forth asking him questions and he asked me questions as well. He explained how he has been tweaking his formula for quite a while as he hadn’t been completely happy with it previously. This also made me think it was going to be a great product. I have tried a few new artisans who released “shave soaps” that really were just bar soaps cut into circles and relabeled. I was not worried in the least about these soaps being like that.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when the package arrived. I cut open the package and the scent hit me. Cherry Blossom… could be named Cherry BL-AWESOME. Ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating. But I really like this scent. It isn’t one of those flowery scents that is very powdery. This literally smells like taking a breath in of a cherry blossom plant. Its green and floral yet not feminine. This is a soap that I could see ladies enjoying as much as men.

The packaging. The soap came wrapped in red tissue paper with a paper label and the ingredients listed on the back. Inside the tissue the puck was wrapped in waxed paper. No frills, no gimmicks. I had actually talked to Bryon about this and said how it is better to focus on the quality of the soap before you worry about high quality(pricey) packaging. To me packaging is just a bonus and doesn’t really affect how I rate a soap.

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Latherability. For anyone who follows Adonis’ blog he posted how easy this stuff was to lather……he was right. This stuff loads up very easy. It is a croap…very soft. I loaded my brush for probably 20-30 seconds max. I could have gotten away with half that time. I added a bit of water to the loaded brush and started face lathering. The lather produced stacks up with any other lather I have used. Nice rich and thick creamy lather. Not airy or bubbly at all….which I thinkĀ  was his issue with a previous formula.

Slickness. This soap has nice slickness….not the slickest soap I have tried, but I’d say average to above average. I could have probably added more water to my lather, which I will next time. I am thinking that the slickness will be great next time as I worry about adding too much water and ruining lather the first time I try a soap.

Protection. Well, the creamy thick lather wasn’t just a front. This lather does protect very nicely. No irritation, and the razor glided through my whiskers effortlessly. This is usually the thing I worry most about new soaps. Not a worry at all here.

Post shave. This surprised me as it was quite good. My face didn’t feel dried out at all. It felt slightly moisturized and nice. I still applied a balm as it wasn’t at the level of Haslinger’s post shave, but well above some other soaps post shave. I actually think great post is a bonus with soaps. So this is a really nice bonus.

Final first impression. This soap reminds me of Blades Grimm Smolder….this is a good thing as I really loved that soap. It also reminded me of a sample of Maggard’s branded soap I tried……….Both of these soaps are made by Maria Arman from Through the Fire Fine Crafts. Maria is a very well-respected artisan who makes so great soaps. SO this is a pretty big compliment. I’d like to hear from someone else who has tried a Maria Arman soap and Jeeves of Hudson Street and get their thoughts. A big thumbs up after one usage Bryon!!!

My Shave of the Day!!!


Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade : Personna Med Prep

Soap : Jeeves of Hudson Street – Cherry Blossom

Brush : ZenShave/HTGAM LE

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Barberry Coast Havana Balm + Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28

Got a great shave with the Cheery Blossom soap. The Milord loaded with a med prep is a great combo. Sharp blade with a mildish razor always works well for me. The Havana and Bay Rum combination to finish off the shave is just out of this world. I love the scent of both of these products and they mixed well with the cherry blossom soap. The Zenshave brush whipped up awesome lather in seconds on my face and was pillowy soft.

not much else to say other than I got very minimal irritation on my usual spot on my neck which made me happy. A BBS everywhere but my trouble spot and my face feels awesome and I am smelling awesome……in my own opinion!!!

Cheers, and have an awesome last couple days of the work week!



  1. Bryon Postlethwait · April 16, 2015

    Thanks Scott, i’m glad you liked the soap!

    Liked by 1 person

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