Feelin’ Good!! Another great shave!

My last few shaves have simply been fantastic. I have been wet shaving for over 14 months now and feel like I have again turned another corner in my daily shaves. Is this a normal thing??

Yes its strange that after 14 months I have noticed a pretty big jump up in how good my daily shaves are in the past couple weeks. My hardware line-up hasn’t changed in that time and my soaps have remained pretty much the same with a couple of additions. However it doesn’t seem to matter which soap I use lately. My shaves are just awesome. However, I think I may have figured it out……

It’s the Feather blades. Yes I have used the Rapira Swedes over the past few weeks as well, but I think I can thank the feathers for my better shaves. They have taught me to focus even more on technique. If you get sloppy with a feather you will have a rough shave….sure you may still end up with BBS, but you will likely have weepers or nicks or cuts or all three. Not to mention an increased likelihood of irritation.

I went back to the Feathers after months of ignoring them and frequently saying how much I dislike them on forums and groups. But they are the best teachers of technique there is. If you think you have great technique and use minimal pressure when you shave pop in a feather and see what happens. Sure some of you probably have great technique and will just get a little bit better shave, but some will feel the wrath of the Feather. With a lot of blades you can get away with adding pressure to the razor and somewhat sloppy technique….not with the Feather.

If you haven’t used one in a while because they were rough the first time. I HIGHLY recommend giving them another shot. Its amazing what a couple of months of practice will do. And they will make shaving with other blades better as well.

Sorry about going on about Feathers yet again. I just get excited about certain things and feel I need to tell EVERYONE about them.

Now onto the shave!!!!


Razor : EJ DE89 head / Chrome Matador Fat Handle

Blade : Feather

Soap : Haslinger Schafmilch

Brush : Muhle STF

Balm : Nivea Soft

Aftershave : Huggy Bear Maple Bay Rum

Another day another BBS. This time I can honestly say I was expecting an incredible shave. My shave consisted of most of my favorite stuff at the moment. Haslinger soap, Feather Blade, Nivea Soft, and the Maple Bay Rum.

A big surprise was the Muhle in all of this. I think this was only the 3rd or 4th time I have used it. This brush is a performer and it looks awesome. I like how the knot looks more like natural hair than some synthetics….just my personal taste. It tore into the Haslinger and was loaded in like 20-30 seconds easy……I actually had too much lather, but that’s not a bad thing. Face feel on this is really nice. not a lot of back bone but enough to build up lather super fast. The speed at which these synthetics build lather is just awesome. I really like the handle as it fits my small hands perfectly. This is a great brush, especially if you are looking at getting a synthetic. This particular one is the size 2 or 22mm knot. I personally don’t need a bigger knot, but a lot of guys love the XL version.

The Maple Bay Rum is wicked awesome! I splash it on and my wife always says how awesome it smells. In fact she told me I should get a Bay Rum soap because she likes it so much. The hint of maple just sets this stuff off. It’s amazing how this stuff changes when it hits the skin. Smelling the bottle it is quite strong and almost alcohol like….with the scents of bay, and spices lingering. But splash it on and its a totally different beast. The spices shine through and the hint of maple pops. If you like Bay Rum and want a new twist on it get some of this stuff!!! Huggy Bear is a great guy and this stuff is awesome. Anyone who knows me, knows I won’t recommend something unless I actually use it and really like it. This is one of those things!!

Oh the Soap…Haslinger has really pulled away as my top soap. The only thing I would change would be the scent…..in Fact let’s do a quick review of HASLINGER SCHAFMILCH!!!!

Latherability : Perfect…..super easy to lather

Protection : Perfect…This stuff is rich thick and ultra protective without reducing slickness

Slickness : Perfect…..Quite possibly the slickest soap out there. I find some soaps that have great slickness lack protection or vice versa, but not this soap.

Post Shave : Perfect….No I don’t work for Haslinger or have stock in the company. This stuff is just that good. Many compare it to MWF for its awesome post shave. It is one of very few soaps I almost feel you could get away with just a warm then cold water rinse after your shave and your face would still feel amazing. The sheep’s milk and Lanolin I am sure have a lot o do with this, as I have found soaps with Lanolin have great post shave feel for the most part.

Scent : This is the only NON perfect thing about this soap. Even though I would never put much weight in a soaps scent anyways because everyone’s tastes vary so much. To me this smells like soap. A nice powedery/perfumey soap. It definitely not offensive in the least. I also doubt many would say its the best smelling soap either. Id compare the scent to LaToja. Just a clean scent.

Value : the pucks are 2oz…..which is half the size of a regular puck of soap. It goes for about $8-$10 here in North America, but can be found much cheaper in Europe…..like half price. not the cheapest soap per ounce by any means, but the quality in my opinion is second to none. And if you get it in Europe or online from a euro vendor for half the price it is an outstanding value.

Overall : Amazing, Perfect, Wonderful…..There are many words I could use to describe this stuff. This may be the shaving worlds hidden gem. Those who have used it love it. It’s also proof the Austrian’s can do a lot more than ski!!! Pick up a puck and treat yourself to an awesome soap. Better than Martin de Candre in my opinion.

Shave on everyone!!! And may all your shaves be BBS!


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