The wait is finally over. Check the post to see if YOU are the lucky winner!!!

After a week or so of entries I have used random.org to pick a winner. But before I reveal the winner how about a picture of what you will be getting!!!


So included in the package is the ‘WET SHAVE CLUB’ DE razor and 27 blades! Also included is the leather sheath to protect the head of your new safety razor. The sheath will fit most safety razor heads and is great for travel. As I said before a great razor to keep or pass on to someone you want to try to get into wet shaving.

What I will do is get in contact with the winner and then mail it out ASAP(hopefully today!)

NOW, without further ado. The WINNER IS(using random.org)………………


Congratulations! I will be contacting the winner….or you can contact me and I will mail you your prize!

Sorry that you couldn’t ALL be winners. There is always NEXT TIME!!

I really enjoyed doing this and I plan on doing another one with the same way of entering….so if you are already subscribed you will be automatically entered…..but I will have some ways to gain BONUS entries.

So Today I didn’t have time to shave as my phone died while I was sleeping last night. I literally had to throw some clothes on and run to work….in the pouring rain. But, on the bright side it isn’t snowing and some of the snow should be going away!!! Another good thing about missing my shave is that I do like shaving with 36+ hours of growth. I feel I do get a better shave, or maybe it just seems like I accomplished more.

So NO sotd or anything today. Tune in tomorrow for another shave of the day and perhaps a detailed review of one of my current favorite shaving goodies!!!!!

Shave on my friends!!!



  1. Paul Buck · March 31, 2015

    Wow!! That’s awesome. Thanks so much!!

    Liked by 2 people

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