Winner Announced Tomorrow!!!

I had a couple of amazing shaves that I would like to share with you guys, BUT………..we all know you guys want to know who won the GIVEAWAY!!!!Let me start by saying how awesome the wetshaving community is! I have had so many views and new followers in the past week that I am seriously humbled. Sure it has to do with the giveaway, but I like the idea of doing some random giveaways to followers. Trust me, this will NOT be the last. Anyone who isn’t entered yet you still have some time. I am going to use to pick the winner tomorrow morning. So follow my page by submitting your email!!! If you are unable to do it that way email me and let me know you want to subscribe to my page and I will get you subscribed and in the draw!!!

Now onto the shaves!!!


Razor : 1934 Gillette Aristocrat OC


Soap : HTGAM Cavendish

Brush : ZenShave/HTGAM LE Canada edition

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana Aftershave Balm + Barberry Coast Bay Rum

Oh my goodness!!! My face feels AMAZING! I am falling in love with the feather blades. Now, I always get a really nice close shave with this razor but the feather blade just puts it over the top. I’m not sure if there is a better blade if you have good technique. I also don’t think there is a worse blade if you have poor technique. I have been using the feathers quite a bit as of late and I am getting incredibly close shaves with them…..regardless of the razor. And I think the second and third shave are superior to the first as many have stated before me.

The Cavendish soap smells just awesome. When I think of pipe tobacco, this is the scent I think of. Sweet, smokey, just right up my alley. Lathered well and provided lots of slick protection.

Then came the BIG THREE. Thayer’s Rose followed by The Barberry Coast Bay Rum then followed by Barberry Coast Havana Balm. These three just blend so well together. My face feels as good today as it ever has. Yes the Havana is a bit of a pricey balm, but you get what you pay for in this case. The scent is by far my top in all of my balms, and the performance is at the top as well.

Overall this shave was a 9.5 out of ten. I don’t give it a ten because as soon as I do I’ll have an even better shave shortly after. Needless to say this shave is quite possibly the best I have ever had!



Razor : Gillette New OC Head / iKon Bulldog Handle

Blade : Feather

Brush : Oscar11 w/ Omega Boar Knot

Soap : Soapy Bathman LUMBERJACK!!!!

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Nivea Soft followed by HUGGY BEAR Maple Bay Rum

So, on my previous SOTD in this post I gave my shave a 9.5 and not a 10……this shave is why it only got a 9.5. When I finished this shave I thought I had the best shave of my life at the time. It was a night shave and I was still BBS at 11am the next morning. This is the difference I find the feathers make. My shaves seem to last a few hours longer at BBS or even DFS. I may not even need to shave tomorrow morning.

I included a lather pic because I decided to bowl lather for the first time in months……and I wont again. Yes the lather was great, but I felt my shave was missing something. I like the feeling of generating lather on my face with the brush. I feel like it lifts my whiskers and gets them ready to be sliced off!! For me bowl lathering looks cool and maybe even better in SOTD pics. However I much prefer to face lather. Less mess, less time, less clean-up afterwards. I also find it a bit easier to control how much water is in the lather. However this is just personal preference. The Oscar11 is really beginning to shine now. the tips are splitting and this thing is really soft. Not sure if it’s at the level of the SOC yet, but I feel like it may be soon enough.

The soap is starting to grown on me. The scent to my nose is much like a halls throat lozenge, perhaps the menthol eucalyptus one. A slight medicinal note to it and also a note of pine sap….all of this is just to my nose. This scent reminds me of cutting down a Christmas trees and I like that. A very unique scent dedicated to our very unique group of Canadian Wet shavers!!! Cheers to you Mr.Erskine. Also its an 8oz tub that will last me 10 years judging by the rate I am going through soaps.

The razor and handle combo was back to its usual efficient and awesome self. Slicing and dicing a day and a half of stubble with ease.

All finished off with Thayers then Nivea Soft and lastly, my wife’s favorite, Huggy Bear Maple Bay Rum. This Bay Rum is awesome and made by a great guy thats part of a few of the shave groups. He is now selling 150mL bottles and I highly recommend you contact HUGGY BEAR and get yourself a bottle. I’m telling you my wife loves this stuff, and so do I. If you need to contact him let me know and I can get you in touch. A+ stuff both scent and quality wise.

Hope you all have a great week of shaving and a great week all around!!! Keep an eye out for the WINNER of the GIVEAWAY tomorrow.



  1. Pete Bellanger Jr. · March 30, 2015

    Two great reviews! Almost makes me wants to buy these soaps!

    Liked by 1 person

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