A couple of suprising combo discoveries!!

We all have our favorite scent combinations and razor/blade combos, but is there a combination that you have used on a whim that surprised you?? Today I had a pleasant surprise of an unlikely pair both scent wise and razor/blade wise.I have rambled many time about how I love my tobacco soaps and how Barberry Coast Havana is just an awesome combo with all of them. I have also go on about how much I enjoy Proraso green with my Local Gent eucalyptus mint balm. Needless to say I have a few combos that I absolutely love.

sotdmar27-1Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade : Feather

Brush : Oscar11 w/ Omega Knot

Soap : Brutalt Bra Barbersape – Brutal Barbershop

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Nivea Soft + The Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28(not pictured)

This mornings shave I discovered another! It is an unlikely pairing in my opinion but man does it work. I used my Brutal Barbershop shave soap from a Norwegian vendor(www.cut-throat.no) and followed it up with Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28! OK, it may not seem all that weird but the soap is kind of a fougere type scent. Id describe it as a fougere mixed with Proraso Green……it is wonderful, but not something that would normally induce me to thinking it would work well with a Bay Rum aftershave. MAN OH MAN!! I’m loving this combo. not sure if it is because I love the scent of the soap or the Bay Rum, but it’s just awesome. The sweet and spicy Bay Rum is top notch….And my wife likes the scent so that is major bonus points. And I am now starting to really enjoy Fougere type scents as well.

The second combo was my choice of razor and blade. I went with my Gillette Milord, which in all honesty I don’t show enough love. I loaded it with a FEATHER!! I rarely use feather blades and when I do its in an adjustable dialed in at around 3. At first I was a bit skeptical of my decision but after a couple of strokes knew it was a good call. The Milord is FAR from aggressive but is not an extremely mild razor either. It’s a wonderful shaver loaded with any blade actually. The blade was so freaking sharp it made my third pass seem more like a touch up pass. Am I a Feather guy now? I used to hate them for all the weepers I would get from them. I think my technique is finally good enough to use any blade to good results, but the feather just ups the ante.

Is there something better than BBS? Cause that’s what I think I have. The Brutal Barbershop soap was awesome in all honesty. It produced a lather as good as any soap I have ever used. I think this was only the second or third time I have used it. I sometimes get over zealous about how great soaps are in my first couple uses. The Oscar11 custom with Omega knot worked perfectly. I talked to the maker of the brush and told him how I wasn’t sure I liked how low the knot was set. He said to really put it to work(borderline abuse it). So I have been test lathering it like crazy earlier this week. Well, it worked the knot seems über soft and just tore into the soap and lathered it up on my face with ease. Thick, creamy, slick lather for DAYS!!! I loaded the brush for probably 20-30 seconds and had enough for about 5 or 6 passes EASY.

What a great shave to finish the week. The Bay Rum didn’t make the photo as it was a last second decision. sotdmar27-4

What strange or unusual combo’s have you discovered????? Let me know in the comments below.

Shave on my friends!!


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