TABAC-O Tuesday

There is Menthol Monday, Clubman Friday, and also Wool Fat Wednesday to name a few. However, my personal fave is TABAC Tuesday or Tobacco Tuesday as I have been calling it as of late. Which day of the week do you look forward to most?Well today was TABAC Tuesday and it didn’t let me down…..Then again I don’t think TABAC has ever let me down. The scent may be polarizing but thankfully I really enjoy it. The performance for me is amazing. I cannot think of many, if any, soaps that perform much better. I used the Tabac shave stick  which I have had for close to a year now. I seriously think this thing regenerates itself. I kind of wish I had weighed it when I got it and weighed it again today. It’s a 100 gram stick and it seriously looks like it has 95% or more still left. I love this thing!!!

sotdmar24-2Razor : Wade & Butcher 6/8″

Soap : TABAC

Brush : Muhle STF V2

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Ja-Lu Tabac Aftershave followed by Barberry Coast Havana Balm

All in all the overall shave was good. Not great as I really need to work on my shaving with a straight. I can get my entire face DFS-BBS but my neck is another story. There is one spot on my right side that I cannot get DFS unless I want major irritation. It’s very frustrating, but I have to live with it. The razor sliced my stubble with absolute ease again since I got it honed again. I have my angles down and all three passes locked down on my face which I am happy about. I just don’t want to have to use a DE for my neck….I’d feel like I am cheating.

The Muhle is a great brush, but not so much for lathering up a shave stick. I found the same issue with my Plisson. The minimal backbone makes it hard to really get the lather going from a shave stick. It’s great for loading from a puck and lathering, it’s just tough to lather the stick. The brush splays and lather starts going everywhere. I am sure I will get better at it, but I think I will just use a boar or a stiffer knot for lathering a stick. Once whipped up the Muhle performed admirably.

The real stars of the shave were the combo of the Tabac soap, followed by the Ja-Lu Tabac aftershave, then the Havana balm. The Havana balm is super versatile in that it really goes nice with any tobacco scented aftershave and even EdT or EdC and soap. Since it’s not over powering it almost seems to mimic other scents and blend beautifully. I really love this stuff!!!

Stay Tuned for WOLF WHISKER WEDNESDAY tomorrow!!!! As well I will have an announcement for a prize giveaway……so tell your friends to check out and be sure to follow the blog!!!! You can’t win if you aren’t a follower via email or through WordPress!!!


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