Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung and with that comes some changes in the shave den. Warmer weather means I can bring out some mentholated soaps and perhaps put away some of the heavier(warmer) scents.YA, not so much here on the East Coast of Canada. I think it may actually be June before I break out the highly mentholated soaps that I love so much. The snow banks are as high or higher than my head in most places and we are supposed to get possibly more snow Saturday night. Thankfully I do like my heavier scents like Tabac and some of the sweet barbershop soaps so they get to stay in rotation a bit….err, I mean a lot longer.

Looks more like it should be January 20th.

Looks more like it should be January 20th.

Of course I still shaved today!!!

sotdmar20-3Razor : Gillette Y4 Superspeed (1953)

Blade : Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Brush : Oscar11 with Omega knot

Soap : Catie’s Bubbles Boucles Fruite

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Nivea Soft

This morning I used my 1953 Gillette superspeed. Considered a 40’s style superspeed and thought of as one of the great all round DE razors. This razor is not very aggressive and actually on the mild side in my opinion. It is solidly made and has some pretty nice weight to it. Loaded with a Rapira SS this razor sliced my stubble like buttah! I’m really happy about how this razor performed this morning. I have been on a bit of a kick of using stuff I have been ignoring lately. This razor is another great blast from the past that needs to see more action. Such an easy shaver that your technique doesn’t have to be perfect and the razor wont bite. Perfect for a quick shave or someone just getting into DE shaving.

I have now had a few uses of Catie’s Bubbles under my belt. I can now say that this is a great soap. I had questioned the protection to a friend of mine a week or so ago. I figured I may have been in the minority thinking the protection was lacking….and I was. This morning I loaded the brush for an extra couple of seconds. This soap loads so easy that I think I was short-changing the load time before and not getting quite enough soap. I also added a bit more water this time as I lathered and it made a huge difference. This stuff is super slick. I felt I could have done my second pass without even re-lathering my face. The lather was rich and slick and very protective. I’m seeing where are the rave reviews are coming from now. I like the scent, but I am not sure I love it. It does conjure up great memories, but it may be too candy-ish for me. Then again it may be because I’m on such a tobacco kick lately that the really sweet scents are tickling my fancy right now.

The Oscar11 brush is a work of art. However, I think the knot may be set a few millimeters too low. This brush has backbone for days, and I am not sure I am a huge fan of that. I have the brush covered in lather as we speak and sitting for a few hours seeing if it will break in a bit more…..worth a shot. I will say it lathered like a champ though. The handle is so nice in hand, and I cannot stop looking at it whenever I open my shave cupboard. It’s a 10 when it comes to looks…great color combination and sweet curves!!!

The finish to my shave has been fairly consistent lately with Thayer’s Rose witch hazel and the Nivea Soft. A great combo to finish any shave, and very budget friendly.

I think this weekend or early next week I will do a budget friendly shave. I always like seeing what guys would recommend newcomers or folks on a tight budget.

Have a great weekend Guys and Gals!!!!!

much actually.


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