OH, CANADA!!! There’s a Soapy Bathman in the house!!!

A certain artisan has been getting quite a bit of buzz around the wet shaving world as of late. Today I finally had my first shave with this Canadians soap. He is…..The Soapy Bathman!!!

Yes! The day has finally arrived that I have gotten to use Soapy Bathman! While it is gaining popularity in the USA and the world, here in Canada Soapy Bathman is a household name…..Especially on the ‘Canadian Wet Shavers’ Facebook group. For the past couple months I have felt like I was one of the only guys who hadn’t tried Chris Erskine’s products(Chris is the artisan behind Soapy Bathman or SB for short).

To be honest at first I felt like the group was maybe going crazy because it was a Canadian artisan putting out a decent product. Also, Chris is extremely active on our group and super easy to talk to……take a note artisans, we wet shavers really like this about our vendors. I laid low for the first while and kept from purchasing. Then Chris created an EXCLUSIVE soap for the CWS Facebook group. Lumberjack!! That’s the name of the soap and its kind of an ode to what the rest of the world thinks we Canucks are. Yes we all wear plaid and have pet beavers, but the rest are stereotypes 😉

I finally could not resist the pull of Soapy Bathman and a fellow member of the group was awesome enough to let me obtain a puck from him. Thank you Maxime, you are a true gentleman. Not to mention he threw in a couple(4) samples as well and a really great photo he had taken! Out of the box this soap come in a really nice tub, and its heavy…..8oz of Canadian gold. The label has ‘CWS Exclusive” right on it, which I like and it is super bright and colorful so it stands out. Great job on the labeling…I’m just not sure if its waterproof? The maple leafs and the lumberjack with the pipe in his plaid shirt really set this label off.

The soap actually comes with a tamper proof plastic strip around it, and there is another seal in the tub on the soap….I have not seen this too many times if at all. Kind of nice to know that you are getting a soap that 100% is brand new! Upon removing the lid the scent really hits you. A strong pine scent that conjures up memories of hunting for Christmas trees and the smell you get on your hands from the pine needles and sap. It actually smells, to me, like a Halls cough drop a bit. Slightly medicinal on first sniff. but I think Pine needles and sap do have that kind of quality to them. However this is just after one use. In know the scent will change a bit with some more usage. Honestly, I like it though. I love scents that evoke great memories, and this one does. I can see why the group of Canadian Shavers has gone crazy for this stuff.

One other absolutely awesome thing about this soap is that it can only be purchased by members of our group. This is as exclusive as it gets folks. Chris has said he will never make it available for general sale. This makes me happy to have our very own soap that SB will only make in small batches for the group. Kudos to you Soapy Bathman!!


sotdmar18-2Razor : Gillette Black Beauty

Blade : Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Soap : Soapy Bathman’s – Lumberjack!!!

Brush : Custom Wolf Whiskers ‘Whaler’

Toner : Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Nivea Soft

This soap has been hyped up like crazy on the CWS Facebook group. Arguably THE most hyped soap I have ever read about. So, needless to say it had a lot to live up to. I had read that this soap needed to be loaded for just a bit longer than other soaps. I loaded the soap for my usual amount of time and the brush was easily loaded enough……but to be sure I loaded a couple of extra seconds. Yeah, so this soap in my opinion doesn’t need to be loaded more than any other soap. Unless you are shaving your entire body of course.  the later whipped up easy on my face as I face lathered. Unfortunately I am quite stuffed up so I cannot comment on the scent from lathering or allowing the soap to bloom.  This soap took No time to whip and create a really nice lather. I shaved with a razor I have used a lot and a blade that I really enjoy and works well with the razor. I did this to be sure on my initial impressions of the soap. The resulting shave was fantastic. While I find most artisan soaps to be very good, the main differences to me seem to be in post shave and scent. Lets just say the post shave on this stuff is AWESOME. I really like the post shave feel of this stuff. I was tempted to bypass my usual Witch Hazel and balm. The post shave is seriously as good as ANY soap I have tried. Apparently his balms are the Bomb as well….I am going to have to get one in the next little bit. Just a great first impression of this soap. I am proud to have this as our official Canadian Wet Shaver soap…..as are all who have tried it.

I did finish the shave with Thayer’s Rose and the Nivea Soft balm. This Nivea soft is really, really good stuff. I will say it CANNOT be beat for the price. nice scent and it makes my face feel so DAMN good! Is there something better than BBS? Cause that’s what this shave was.

So, in closing I want to give a HUGE shout out to my fellow Canadian Wet Shavers!! If you are Canadian I highly recommend joining this group. If you are not Canadian, move here so you can get some of this soap 😉

Cheers and Happy shaving!




  1. Max · March 18, 2015

    Glad you liked it. Never doubted it! All his products are great, give a try to the few samples I’ve sent you you’ll see 🙂 Try and bloom it a bit by letting hot water sit on it before you shave it makes it really stand out! Next step as you said is THA balm! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · March 18, 2015

      I bloom all my soaps! Its a %100 must. Its amazing the difference it can make. I look forward to using the samples!!! They smell great. A couple really appeal to me


  2. Jojo · March 18, 2015

    Excited to try this out as well! Good thing another batch is currently being made.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jason r · March 18, 2015

    Spot on review. I, in similar fashion, thought that the SB shave soap was a bit too hyped….until I tried it. It is hands down the best soap I’ve ever used. I still can’t believe the quality and quantity of lather produced from a normal brush load. Cheers to Chris and to all our canadian brothers and sisters. Jimmy is 100% right btw…if you’re a canadian wet shaver get your butt over to our group. If you’re a yank…best get moving!

    Liked by 1 person

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