Tobacco Tuesday – I could get used to this!!!

There is Barbershop and Citrus and Fougere and floral scented soaps just to name a few, But my choice of late are Tobacco scents. Today I will talk about some of my top Tobacco Scents!To date I think I have tried upwards of 10 tobacco scented soaps. Quite honestly I have enjoyed them all and to pick just ONE top soap would be extremely difficult. I am not a smoker and have never been in my entire life. Maybe I tried smoking a cigarette at a high school party to try to act cool, but that’s the gist of my cigarette smoking. Sure in recent years I have enjoyed the odd cigar with friends….not enough to claim any knowledge of them, but enough to realize I do enjoy the odd one. My favorite tobacco has to be the smell of pipe tobacco though as it evokes pleasant memories.

As a note these are just my top amongst tobacco soaps that I have tried:

Phoenix Artisan accoutrements – Cavendish (formerly Synergy/HTGAM)

CavendishThis soap has, to me, the most pipe tobacco like scent. I really love the scent of this one. Smokey, but with almost a candy type note as well. Think of a pipe shop in a mall. That’s what I get. kind of sweet like a cigarello. As for performance it is top-notch. Like all PAA soaps it lathers easily and loads in seconds. Myself I get great post shave from this soap as well. My father took my original HTGAM stick of this soap, but I recently reacquired a puck in a trade……Man, I missed this stuff.

A+ overall

Razorock Zi’Peppino


Now this soap had my confused when I first received it. I got it as a gift from a good friend. I read the label and saw that it said ‘green tobacco’. I had no idea what to expect. What I got was a super fresh almost cologne scent. This is the scent of the growing tobacco plant and flower. This stuff is awesome and not what I would have ever expected from something with Tobacco as a main note. Id say its similar to TOBS Eton College and Strop Shoppe London Morning, or scents of that type. This is in no way close to Tabac or even Cavendish. However this is a must try soap in my opinion. I think it would be difficult to find a better value in soaps than this. It retails for around $7 a tub. Its performance is also great, perhaps not quite as good of a post shave as Cavendish. That would be its only downfall if any.


Just behind these two soaps would have to be TABAC and Razorock’s Tobacco #1. On one hand TABAC is one of the best performers on the market. Many, including myself, measure all other soaps performance against it. The issue with TABAC is its scent. While I enjoy it, it is very polarizing. It is very powdery and some say floral(to put it nicely). This is another soap I think every wetshaver should try. It practically lathers itself and a puck or stick(I own the stick) will last a ridiculous amount of time. The cost per shave numbers for this soap are probably pretty darn good. The Tobacco #1 is fairly new to my den but is working its way up my top soaps. Razorock chose the argan oil formula for these soaps. The latherability remains fantastic but there is one improvement in my opinion……Post shave! The argan oil formula really makes the face feel nice and moisturized post shave. This soap is more masculine than say Tabac, but along the same lines scentwise. Slightly powdery with what I get is a hint of Vanilla and cacao. I find the scent strength of both of the new Razorock tobacco soaps to be very good with #1 being slightly stronger. Many say #2 is manlier than #1 and I agree it has a bit more of a smokey note to it. however I prefer the #1. At the price the two go for I would pick up both and see which you prefer.

the Next Tobacco soap I really want to try is Soapy Bathman’s Cigar Lounge. This stuff seems out of stock most places.

Now onto today’s TOBACCO TUESDAY shave!!!!

sotdmar17-1The Havana Balm and Tobacco #1 blend together seamlessly. Such an awesome combo that it was hard not to make this soap one of my top 2….trust me though it is right there with them. The Bay Rum just put the finishing touches on a wonderful shave. The Barberry Coast stuff is definitely front and center in my den when it comes to post shave choices.

The EJ head on the iKon handle really makes for a nice mild, yet efficient, duo. the Rapira SS blade was on its third shave yet showed zero signs of dulling. A really great blade for anyone, especially if you are on a budget. I got 100 for under $12 Canadian shipped to my door.

the Semogue Owners Club is simply a beast!! I love this brush. I think the only reason that its not my top brush is because it was only $30, and I paid more for other and feel they SHOULD be my favorites. Seriously though this brush is a must for any boar fan or anyone who hasn’t tried a boar. Id almost call it ‘the Badger Killer’ its soo good. Lots of backbone and it’s actually crazy soft now that its broken in. The key is to just use the tips or you will have lather all over your entire bathroom!!!

Another day, another great shave. Id say DFS, and I did get a little neck irritation. I feel like I may have been applying unnecessary pressure to the razor. however after a splash of witch hazel and a couple of minutes the irritation and redness were gone.

What other Tobacco scented soaps are out there that I should try?? I’m looking for one similar to Cavendish and pipe tobacco scent.



  1. cinqueminutiperte · March 17, 2015

    I got HTGAM Cavendish, don’t know if different from the PAA branded one, and I like very much. Really great scent, easy and great lather . You made me curious about Zi’ Peppino.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark Tidwell · March 18, 2015

    Sir, I believe Tiki’s The Captain is similar to Cavendish. Not quiet as good to my nose but still worth a try. I have wanted to try Tabac but stayed away due to the polarized views on the scent. Am going to try and get a sample before I purchase a puck. Love your writting, keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · March 18, 2015

      Wow I appreciate the compliment. Tabac is great for me, but yes its hard to rave about knowing that some people hate it….but the performance of it is astounding!!! I’ll keep tiki on my radar!


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