The Weekend that was and the Return of a Legend

It seems as though bad shaves are becoming fewer and farther between. At the same time above average shaves seem to be becoming the norm. My past 2 shaves were no exception. I even used a razor I thought I didn’t like with fantastic results…..Yesterday, my wife and I spent the day organizing and cleaning the house. One of my jobs was to re-organize my shaving stuff. 6 months ago when I had hip surgery I moved the majority of my shaving stuff onto a shelf in our smallish bathroom. That means anyone who came into our bathroom could see my soaps, brushes, aftershaves, balms witch hazel…..just about everything except for my razors. Well I have been recovered for a few months now and it was time to put everything away. I actually got all of my soaps out and organized them into rubbermaid totes. One for summer soaps, one for year round/cold weather, and a smaller one for the 5-6 soaps I plan to use for the coming week. The next thing I did was organize my razors. And that’s when I saw it sitting all lonely at the back of my drawer. The FATBOY. I told myself I would give it a shot in the morning and I began to get somewhat excited to use it. It has literally been months…probably 3+ months since I put it to use. however I did and the results were surprising(to me)…..

sotdmar16-2sotdmar16-1 Razor : Gillette Fatboy

Blade : Rapira SS

Brush : Zenshave/HTGAM LE

Soap : Strop Shoppe 1887

Toner : Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Nivea Soft

The Brush and soap did their job perfectly and it was up to the Fatboy set at 6 to do its job. Now part of my issue with this razor has always been all the hype around it and its crazy price tag. It is a really nice razor, I just think it is super over hyped more than any other VINTAGE razor. With that being said I got an amazingly close shave. I expected nothing and what I got was perfect. BBS on three passes with zero touch up and no irritation.

I finished the shave with my usual Thayer’s but then used Nivea Soft which I picked up at Target for under $3. Damn! This Nivea soft is pretty awesome. I’d heard it recommended a few times but never picked any up. Well, I am glad I did. If you are on a budget this stuff will fit your needs and it performs as good as stuff that costs way more. heck even if you have money to burn pick this stuff up and give it a try, my face feels soft, smooth, and really well hydrated.

Overall an awesome shave from start to finish….an awesome way to start the week.

I also had my usual Saturday night shave where I really get to take my time and enjoy the entire Process…………….

sotdmar14Razor : 1934 Gillette Aristocrat TTO Open Comb

Blade : Rapira SS

Brush : Muhle STF

Soap : Razorock Zi’Peppino

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Nivea Soft

Yowza!! This my friends was just incredible. I used a couple of new things with a couple of all time favorites and it was Magical!

The razor IS my favorite. I love the way it looks and I love the way it shaves. It’s amazing to me each time I use it that it’s a, 81 year old piece of hardware. The Muhle Synthetic is a lathering machine. I had been down on the Plisson and really wasnt sure that this would restore my faith in synths, but it has. The handle suits my hand perfectly and although it is super soft it feels more natural on the face than the Plisson. The Muhle Loaded up the Zi’Peppino in seconds. So fast actually I thought I may need to load more. not the case the Muhle whipped up loads of lather on my face….plenty enough for 3+ passes. It’s funny because I hadn’t used the Zi’Peppino for a long time, despite it being arguably by top soap. It sure didnt disappoint. the scent is just wonderful and the performance is up there with most of the big hitters. The value of this soap is just incredible.

I finished the shave with Thayer’s and my new Nivea Soft. The Nivea was unreal….but I chalked that up to me being excited over a new product. I realize I tend to get over excited at first when I should use things a few times before writing a raving review. However this stuff is the REAL DEAL. after using it twice and it costing less than $3 Canadian its an awesome value.

The final result was one of my closest shaves ever and my face felt as good as it ever has post shave. I could live happily with this set up forever.

Hope you all had a great weekend and some BBS shaves!! I know I did and it has set the tone for another great week!


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