‘Limited Edition’ – Believe the hype?

With so many artisans and vendors there comes a need to separate themselves from one another. Limited Editions seem to be taking the market by storm. However are they what they claim to be?Anyone who has been on a shaving forum or shaving group on Facebook has seen them. Whether it’s a soap, a brush or even a razor. It seems like every group and forum have multiple things to show your shaving allegiance. For myself I am on the fence about these LE products. I bring this up because today I used my Semogue 2012 Italian Barber LE brush. However I got it just a month ago….so is it really a limited edition? While I love the brush and think it looks fantastic with the green, white, and red handle I do question if I got suckered into the LE hype. I will also premise this by saying I was one of those guys who waited to snipe a Razorock Stealth slant on its limited releases.

the most common LE variation has to be soaps. Every group and forum seems to have one. Different vendors make a soap recognizing it as the “official soap” of said group. Most of the times these are said to be limited editions or some kind of similar wording. However if these soaps are a hit they make their way onto the vendors site as a regularly stocked item. This is where I feel torn. on one hand guys buy these soaps wanting to show their love for a group or want to have a unique soap that EVERYONE isn’t going to have. A month later everyone can have it. I don’t disagree with the artisans releasing these to everyone though….especially if they are super popular. One soap I can think of is Chocolate Bourbon by Synergy/HTGAM. It’s the official soap of the Wet Shaver Review, and now its part of PAA’s full line of soaps. I remember seeing guys paying more than sticker price or full price for used soap and aftershave once it had sold out. Sure I can see why guys wanted it. It got rave reviews for its unique sent and great performance. Then came Barbersoul(sp?) which became Barberpole, which became CaD(correct me if I am wrong) which had epic countdowns to release in the beginning and was selling out in minutes, but now can be bought anytime….you just don’t get the original tin.

Most recently The Shave Market got its own soap from Catie’s Bubbles. Le Marche de Rasage(the shaving grocery store) was a massive hit and was getting unreal reviews from everyone. Claims that it would soon knock off LPV as Catie’s top-selling soap. If you don’t know LPV is though of by many to be one of the best soaps available. Pretty high accolades from many shavers who have used every soap under the sun. I think its been 2-3 weeks since its release and now its available to the general public. Now is this taking advantage of people who want a unique product? Is it master marketing? As I said I am on the fence, because if something is this popular it would be crazy not to offer it to everyone. Although I am sure some of the guys that rushed to get it may feel short-changed.

What are your thoughts on all of this LE stuff? Have you given in and made impulse buys worrying you may never get another chance to own these unique products?

******as a side note. Moments after publishing this I obtained a tub of Soapy Bathman’s Lumberjack Shave soap. This is the Canadian Wet Shavers Facebook groups exclusive shave soap. Needless to say I am very excited about this!!

Proraso BLACK Limited Edition - Licorice and Lavender scented soap. If there were only 500 available what would it be worth to have one??

Proraso BLACK Limited Edition – Licorice and Lavender scented soap. If there were only 500 available what would it be worth to have one??

** There is no Proraso BLACK. Just a picture to get you thinking!!!

My actual SOTD is…………….


Razor : Wade & Butcher

Brush : Semogue 2012 Italian Barber LE

Pre-Shave : Proraso Green

Soap : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint + Huggy Bear Maple Bay Rum

Really enjoyed this new brush on its first day of work. The handle is very similar to the SOC but a slight bit smaller. The colors are bright and bold and the price of $20 is awesome for a brush this nice. Cannot wait for it to break in like my SOC. I fear the badgers may be getting pushed out of the den with my recent acquisitions.

The Proraso green is simply solid. Always a great performer and never have to worry about getting a good shave when I use it. I think I need to get the whole Proraso green line now as I have become a pretty big fan. The straight was keen and I got an awesome shave with it. I need to start using my straights more again. At least 2 times or 3 times a week. I enjoy the challenge and the accomplishment when I’m finished my shaves. There are a couple of spots on my neck that I struggle with but I may just need to use a DE for those spots and stop risking irritation.

The Maple Bay Rum aftershave is really really nice stuff. I got the best compliment a guy can get this morning when hugging my wife after I splashed it on…”You smell nice!” hey, that’s what I want to hear, this stuff must be good. I applied a bit more than yesterday and could really smell the maple. It’s great because it is so much different from my other two Bay Rums(Barberry Coast and Captains Choice). Thanks again Huggy!!!

And so concludes my week of Posts. I’ll be back Monday with a review of my weekend shaves and my Monday SOTD!! Have a great weekend guys and keep the comments and suggestions coming.


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