Mixed Results

I know my current hardware fairly well. Such as which blades work well with certain razors, but every once in a while I get mixed results using a top combo……Is it me or is the hardware?As I frequent many forums and Facebook groups I always read about blades that work well with certain razors but not with others. For the most part I do feel this can be true. For instance I will never put a feather blade in one of my aggressive razors…Sure it would result in an amazingly close shave, but it will also result in blood, massive razor burn and possibly the removal of all the skin on my face. Needless to say I have found certain razor and blade combinations work better for me. However this morning I used one of my current favorite combos to uncomfortable results. Mind you when I say “uncomfortable” that is compared to the usual shaves I get which have been extremely nice lately. THE SHAVE…..

sotdmar12-2Razor : Gillette New on iKon Bulldog handle

Blade : Rapira SS

Brush : Semogue Owners Club Boar

Soap: Catie’s Bubbles Boucles Fruite

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Huggy’s Maple Bay Rum

I loaded a Rapira Swedish Supersteel into my Gillette New head and was really looking forward to my shave. I made sure the blade was aligned properly and that nothing was a miss from that perspective. Lathered up some Catie’s Bubbles Boucles Fruite and started my shave. From the onset the shave felt a bit tuggy. I used my normal prep, so I know that wasn’t an issue, and the blade was brand new. Now I am getting used to this soap as it was only my second time using it. The lather was rich and thick though so I find it hard to believe that was the culprit. Also, Catie’s Bubbles seems to be pretty highly regarded about performance by almost everyone. Only thing I could possibly see wrong with the soap would be a lack of protection, but I don’t think that is the case.

This brings me to the blade…..I really like these blades and have used this combo to AWESOME results just within the past week or so. Could it be a ‘dud blade’. I have read about them, but cannot say 100% that I have experienced one. This just seems like it may be the culprit. I think I will try this blade in my EJ DE89 on my next DE shave and see how it shaves. If it isn’t a smooth shave that will be the reasoning. A DUD blade……What a way to ruin a relaxing morning. now the end result was a nice close shave, but comfortable would not be a word to describe it.

Now onto a pretty awesome part of the shave. A generous member of the Canadian Wet Shaver’s Facebook group was kind enough to send me a sample of homemade Bay Rum aftershave. This stuff has been getting really good reviews amongst the group and I was interested in trying some. It arrived yesterday courtesy of HUGGY BEAR. Well Packaged, and honestly a super generous sized sample bottle. ‘Maple Bay Rum’ was the name on the bottle. Upon first sniff I noticed this was a stronger bay Rum than the Barberry Coast when it comes to the Rum….not a bad thing at all. I think there is the group of guys that like the spices such as clove and cinnamon at the forefront and a group that likes the rum and the bay and other scents at the forefront. The one thing I really liked about the aftershave once I poured a bit into my hand is that the scent really opened up and you could pick up the little maple notes. being a Canadian my blood is 20% maple syrup so of course I liked this!!! I’m not going to score it yet because I want to give it a couple more uses. I will say that Huggy has done a real nice job on this stuff. he mentioned wanting to tweak some things…I am not sure what because this stuff is real nice as it stands. A huge THANK YOU to Huggy Bear for the sample. You are a true gentleman and I look forward to using the splash again tomorrow!! Who am I kidding I will probably splash some more on when I get home from work 😉



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