An old friend and another Mail Call!

It’s always nice to visit an old friend. Someone you can rely on and count on no matter how long it has been. Proraso to me is this soap to a T. I can always count on Proraso green for a great shave….Who’s your old friend?last night while I was planning out this mornings shave I was rummaging through all of my soaps. Upon this I realized I have way too many soaps and need to sell some or trade them. I also noticed a few soaps that I don’t you nearly enough and I kind of figured out why. With all the new artisans and soap scent available to us as wet shavers, I always want the next best soap. It’s a losing battle though as you may realize. It doesn’t take long to wind up with 30 soaps that have only been used a couple of times each, and old favorites get pushed to the back of the cupboard. For me I love trying new things and often neglect the ‘old types’ such as Proraso and Tabac. These two soaps are popular for a reason and will always have a place in my den. However I using them very sparingly for some reason. They aren’t the most expensive and they will never cease to be produced in my opinion. But the last two days I have used both back to back. two awesome shaves. They ARE my old friends I can count on. Super protective and awesome lather. I think this is a big reason I recommend these soaps to guys starting out. So easy to lather and I never get any nicks, cuts, or weepers when I use these soaps. THE SHAVE!

sotdmar5colorRazor : Gillette Old Type Head / iKon Bulldog handle

Brush : Semogue Owners Club boar

Blade : Gillette Platinum


Pre : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Balm : Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint

Just a stellar shave from top to bottom. As impressed by Proraso that I was I was equally taken aback by the great shave I got from the Old Type. I think my technique has drastically improved since I last used it. I found it harsh last time and that is why I haven’t used it. but it was smooth sailing today and effortless. All the software worked well together and it was a wonderful start to the day!

but my great start to the day didn’t end there! Found out I was getting a nice tax return as well! then I stopped at the post office and got an awesome MAIL CALL!!

mailcallA Tub of Catie’s bubbles Boucles Fruite and a tin of HTGAM Cavendish. I am super stoked to try the Catie’s Bubbles I’m not gonna lie. I’ve read so many reviews and watched countless videos on the stuff and now I get to see if I should ‘believe they hype’. First sniff is really nice, but I cannot put my finger on the scent. it’s something familiar like a Campino candy or something(not fruit loops to my nose). The Cavendish I have used before and really enjoyed….until my dad took my stick of it. Glad to have a puck now, especially with my tobacco soap addiction I have acquired. Needless to say the Catie’s will be my soap of choice tomorrow and I will write up a little first impression review for you guys….I’m quite excited. I also got my Straight back Val at the gentleman’s den!! Gonna use this baby tomorrow as well.

Well, I hope I may have persuade one or two of you guys to use an old stand by tomorrow. You may just be surprised by how good it is!!

“Daniels shaving tonight on a plane” – Elton John



  1. steve · March 5, 2015

    Can’t beat a bit of Proraso, I’ll have to dust mine off. It’s nearly spring I guess

    Liked by 1 person

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