MAIL CALL!!! And a Huge Thank You

Not all MAIL CALLS are created equal. Yesterdays mail call was one that got me very excited…..Before I get into my Mail Call I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog. I am really loving the feedback I have been receiving and it makes writing these post all worth it. Keep the comments coming and please subscribe to my blog via email or through wordpress……Subscription does have its benefits(HINT, HINT).

So I have recently made some trades, and purchased some software and hardware I am very excited about. Yesterday I made the trip to the post office to check the mail and I had 2 parcel receipts. Instantly I was more excited than I had been seeing the bills in my mailbox. What was in the parcels? Soap? Brushes? Razors? Blades? Frags? More bills…….no, it was thankfully not more bills. It was a brush I have been wanting for months. A brush by a maker whose work I had been admiring since I started my wet shaving journey. Not one of the big names, but a brush maker whose work turns heads and are no longer available……for most as he doesn’t take orders. I am talking about the ever elusive Oscar11!! Oh yeah. I finally got my hands on one oh his stunning handles. Oscar11 is known for translucent handles and the beautiful colors he works with. This particular brush has a crystal blue base and an Ivory/mother of pearl top. I bought it off a fellow instagramer who had it loaded with an Omega boar knot. This handle rivals my Wolf Whiskers in every aspect….This thing is weighty, and stunning……O.K. less talk and more pics!!!


Oscar posing for the camera


The handle is such a beautiful blue….very hard to describe and capture

You may also notice the Fragrance in the pictures. Its Tobacco 1812 by West Third Brand. This is a sweet smelling frag that is a dead ringer for the Havana balm. Wow, did I luck out with this one on a blind by….or should I say sniffless buy?? Either way I wanted an inexpensive fragrance to go with my tobacco scented soaps that I really love. This particular fragrance got some very positive reviews on youtube so I gave it a shot. best part they had it at Chapters/Indigo, so no shipping issues in Canada,and it arrived in like 3 days.

I will say the Tobacco 1812 is NOT the most masculine frag but it is really nice. No, I have not tried Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, or Tabac Rouge by Phaedon……YET! I wanted a wallet friendly frag to start with as my job doesn’t allow me to wear cologne. This is a sweet scent with notes of honey and cocoa along with the obvious dried Tobacco. I am really happy about this purchase and cannot wait to wear it a few times before making a detailed review and forming an opinion of it.

Of course I had a shave today….and used my two new things!

sotdmar4-portRAZOR : Gillette Black Beauty

BLADE : Feather



Aftershave : Barberry Coast Havana Aftershave Balm

Frag : Tobacco 1812

Tabac is one of my standby’s. I don’t use it as much as I used to because of all the soaps I have now. However it doesn’t take away what a great soap this is. It’s a soap that every wet shaver should try. Its scent is very polarizing. Some say it smells like an old lady’s purse, some love it. I myself enjoy it. It’s a very powdery floral tobacco soap….hence the name TABAC. I dialed the Black Beauty to 3 this go around with the feather and once again got an awesome close shave. DFS but not quite BBS as I didn’t do 3 passes on my neck and risk irritation. The brush has a ton, and I mean TON, of backbone. But it lathered up the Tabac producing some fantastic lather. Man this brush feels great in hand.

To finish the shave I forgot to put on my witch hazel and went straight for the Havana aftershave balm….I really love this scent. Then I used my new frag Tobacco 1812, which is such an incredible pairing. I cannot believe how similar the scents are to be honest.

A great shave and I smell like a million bucks. Cheers!

“Whoa Black Beauty, Bam-a-Lam” – Ram Jam



  1. Jason r · March 4, 2015

    Damn fine looking brush…I’ve been wanting to jump into the “homemade” brush wagon. May need to try a bit harder.

    Great article as always.


  2. Andy · March 4, 2015

    You have a lot of unique products. Very interesting article and awesome pics! Love the custom boar brush!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · March 4, 2015

      Thanks. I’ve always liked straying from the norm. And that’s something you can do when it comes to wetshaving…..especially brushes


  3. adrianoarrigo · March 5, 2015

    I like that transparent handle !!

    Liked by 1 person

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