The weekend that was, and todays SOTD!

I don’t normally shave on both Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes you just have to. I’m slightly addicted to an artisan’s soaps at the moment and HAD to squeeze in an extra shave.The artisan I am speaking of is The Strop Shoppe. A year ago I was told to try them and I didn’t. Now a year later I have 2 Stop Shoppe soaps and I want more. Id put this stuff right up there with Barrister and Mann as some of the best soap you can buy regardless of price. Scent wise I am also a huge fan of both the London Morning and 1887. Upon first sniff London Morning had me hooked. After 3 shaves the 1887 has brought itself almost even with the London morning. Both of these soaps are made with Tallow….I’m not saying every soap needs to have Tallow in it, but I do love some tallow soaps. the 1887 also has lanolin in its formulation which really makes the post shave even better. I am taken aback by how much I love these soaps because I have tried quite a few different soaps. I now see why guys but so many different artisans. Mind you Strop Shoppe may not work for everyone, but it is super easy to load and lather and not at all finicky like some soaps are. I would say my only negative would be the strength of the scents. While the London Morning I find to be a great amount of scent I wish the 1887 was stronger….it may be perfect if it was. However Nothing could stop me from using these soaps this weekend!!

SOTD April 28th

SOTD April 28th


SOTD March 1st

Both Saturday and Sundays shaves were fantastic. Saturday was actually my first shave with an Injector razor and it went very well. It was fairly easy to find the proper angle and the head was quite easy to manuever. I will be using the razor again before I give a full review and opinion on it. Did I mention that the injector looks kind of BADASS as well?! The Wolf Whisker brush is really rounding into form after just a few uses and is my best looking brush in my rotation. Performance wise its not quite there yet, but I think it will get there eventually.

Sunday saw the Gillette New step up and deliver yet another awesome shave. This may be my best shaver! not the prettiest, but always gives a top notch shave with ease. The SOC boar has made me a boar lover. I had a Semogue 610 and 1800 which I really liked but I ended up giving one to my father and one to a friend who wanted to try wet shaving. Also once I got a TGN 2 Band knot I was in love with it. However I kept reading so much about the SOC that I had to check it out. I found an awesome deal on eBay and bought one. I must say after the first 5-10 uses this brush just gets better and better. now that its broken in the tips are as soft as many badger brushes and it still has great backbone for tearing into soaps and face lathering. In my opinion its a MUST HAVE brush.

This Mornings shave was a delight. I used my favorite razor. I used a tobacco scented soap which seems to be my scent of choice lately. ….And what better way to finish it all off then putting on my favorite aftershave??

sotdmar2color Razor : 1934 Gillette Aristocrat OC

Blade : Gillette Platinum

Brush : Zenshave/HTGAM LE

Soap : Razorock Tobacco #1

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Barberry Coast Havana Balm + Barberry Coast Bay Rum

Sometimes when you use most of your favorite and or top stuff the final result just doesn’t match the sum of the products used. This shave was not the case. An awesome overall shave from start to finish with every piece of hardware and software performing as I had hoped. This soap/Balm,aftershave combo is just amazing to me. the light tobacco scent with hints of vanilla in the soaps mix so well with the Havana balm and its tobacco notes and vanilla and cocoa undertones. Finally the Bay Rum and its wonderful aromas of clove, all spice, vanilla and cinnamon and bay just put the perfect finish on the shave.

I will say it again….Barberry Coast has hit a home run with their products. Both scent and performance wise the Bay Rum and Havana are amazing. I realize the price on these is a bit higher than other products but this is where the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ really rings true. Sure its more money, but it’s that much better. Its high quality natural stuff and the packaging is so nice that your wife or loved one will let you leave it on the bathroom counter!!!

Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Please subscribe to my page as I am wanting to do a giveaway at some point once I get a decent number of subscribers. So tell your friends to check out my blog and feel free to contact me with suggestions on posts you would like to see. I love getting feedback and replying to comments. If you have questions that you don’t want to have published contact me via email( and I will be more than happy to answer any question or point you to someone who can answer them.

“Jeremy Shaved in class today” – Pearl Jam


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