The Wet Shave Club…and other subscription boxes

Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage right now in the wet shaving community. Are they worthy off all the hype?? I weigh in with my thoughts…………..Being involved in Facebook groups and on Wet shaving forums I see a lot of posts about the subscription boxes and whether they are worth the money. To me this question doesn’t have an easy Yes or No answer. Today I will take a look at the Wet Shave Club subscription box and what it has to offer.

The Contents

WSCboxRazor : Wet Shave Club Branded 3 piece razor

Blades : TRIG blades

Soap : Ellington’s The Gentleman’s Shaving Soap

Brush : No name Boar

Aftershave : The Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint aftershave lotion

First lets start with the razor. Good quality and nice heft. If you are expecting an Edwin Jagger type fit and finish you won’t find it in this razor. The head has a very high quality high gloss finish with ‘Wet Shave Club’ etched on the top plate….I think this is a really nice touch. it also comes with a nice embossed leather sheath that covers the head. I love this sheath. the last thing you want to do is compromise the finish on the head of a modern razor. Heads like this will tend to rust quickly if the surface metal is chipped or cracked. The handle is nice and hefty but lacks the quality of fit and finish that the head has. This isn’t a deal breaker though as you are getting a nice overall razor for a great price. I got a nice shave from the razor and found it a bit more aggressive than the EJ DE89 and also found it gave lots of audible feedback as well.


the brush is a generic Boar brush. Nothing to write home about and VERY light weight. I prefer a brush that’s a bit heavier, but that’s just personal preference. This brush is not the most densely packed brush by any means but i does the job in whipping up a decent lather. Again for the price of the box one cannot expect a high end boar or badger brush. A decent brush for a new wet shaver.

wscLatherthe soap is a very generous 2oz size. lots of samples from vendors are quite small and only enough for a few shaves. I am not sure if this is the full size puck from this particular vendor, but its a great size to get a lot of shaves. The scent is nice and blooms when lathered. A nice inoffensive scent especially for a subscription box. The last thing you want to do is put a stick of Arko and have half the subscribers hate the scent and half love it. A nice safe call for the scent of the Ellignton’s. I lathered the soap a couple of times with the boar brush and it produced a pretty nice lather. Thick and fairly slick and not too finicky at all.

As for the Trig blades I think they are OK. Blades are just way to much of a personal preference thing to give much of a general opinion on. To me these blades would be put in the same category as Astras. I do enjoy Astra blades so that is not a bad thing.

Lastly is the aftershave lotion. The Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint aftershave lotion. I have been using this stuff quite a bit the past week or two and think this stuff is great. I personally love the scent of it and the performance is  fantastic as well. I really like this lotion/balm for all my non-tobaco scents. This is a great product to find in a subscription box!

Overall this box is great for someone just getting into wet-shaving or someone brand new without any wet shaving gear. You have everything you need to shave right out of the box…..pun intended. It ia also a nice way for shavers to try new stuff and get a decent amount of it to boot. The bigger sizes of products included allows subscribers to really get a feel for the products where as some samples are so small that its hard to make an honest opinion after 2 uses. For myself I am on the fence if I would subscribe. the additional shipping to Canada plays a big part in that, but also the fact that I do have quite a bit of hardware and software I need to use up plays a huge factor as well.  The beauty of the Wet Shave Club box is that you can subscribe for different amounts of time. And with each increment the price per month decreases. honestly a great idea for new wet shavers or guys wanting to try new stuff each month. As a little aside the people at Wet Shave Club are great to deal with. they email back promptly and are super courteous when they do. Customer service plays a huge role in whether I try a product…The Wet Shave Club gets an easy A rating for customer service.

To finish this post I want to say that I have also tried the Luxury Barber box for a couple of months. These two boxes are so difficult to compare as they are not directly aimed towards the same people. the Luxury Barber box included about 10-12 different products for your entire bathroom routine. Shaving stuff, shampoo, conditioner, Talc, body spray etc…included in the box is one full Size product. the rest were smallish samples. I personally enjoyed trying stuff I would probably never buy like John Allan’s Ocean shampoo and Balla Body Spray to name a few. however the shaving stuff was a bit of a let down. Sure it included a pack of blades, but the samples of soaps and creams were very small and left much to be desired. The packaging and customer service were fantastic though.  As you can see, two totally different boxes, but both pretty good in their own ways. As a shaver I would lean towards the Wet Shave Club box. if you are more of a guy who wants to try all different men’s grooming products Id suggest the Luxury Barber box.

**Recently I saw that the Wet Shave Club may be doing a box for the ladies. Scheduled to roll out in April. This is awesome and possibly a way for guys to convert wives and girlfriends to become wet shavers. Because if your significant other starts wet shaving that means there will be more hardware and software to be tried!!!



  1. calydus · March 3, 2015

    It’d be good to mention that the Luxury Barber Box as improved a lot since then! They offer you to order stuff on their site and ship it with your box on top of giving you a discount when you buy with them. They tend to offer much more artisan products rather than just big brand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · March 4, 2015

      Thanks for the insight! That’s great to hear. I think a huge number of shavers crave the artisan stuff. The Luxury Barbers site is quite nice as well. Perhaps I need to revisit the Luxury Barber. My article was more focused on the Wet Shave Club which is why I didn’t elaborate too much on the luxury barber box. Cheers


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