A New soap and coming up ROSEY

I shaved with a brand new soap on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. It also made me want to break out an old favourite that I don’t use to often as the maker had to close down her business. Is it nostalgia that makes us like the hard to get or Limited edition, discontinued and old stock soaps? Or are they actually great soaps?

So, on Saturday night I decided to try out some FuzzyFace Soaps. This is a fairly new soaper with some very unique and classic scents. The shop is on ETSY and the soaps are a very reasonable price even with shipping to Canada! Now onto the shave!


Razor : Wet Shave Club three piece razor

Blade : Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Soap : FuzzyFace Soaps Sensuous Sandalwood

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Witch Hazel : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave Balm : Barberry Coast Havana

I decided to use the SENSUOUS SANDALWOOD scented soap. my first impression is WOW, this soap has a very strong scent. Many soaps have very weeks scents…..that is not the case with any of the FuzzyFace soaps. A very nice strong sandalwood scent comes from the puck and just gets more refined when lathered. Even post shave I could smell the sandalwood on my face for an hour or two!

The lather quality was very nice. I got a nice thick lather very easily with about a 30 second load of the brush. Not an overly thirsty soap by any means, but I added a bit of water and it improved the lather and didn’t cause it to fall flat like some finicky soaps. The lather provided me with a very nice shave and left my face feeling nice afterwards as well. Overall a very nice soap for the price.

The razor I used was the razor I got in the Wet Shave Club box I received. I enjoyed the heft of the razor and the leather cover quite a bit. The fit and finish of the handle wasn’t as nice as an Edwin Jagger, but the price of the razor wasn’t the same either. As for the head I really liked the etching of ‘Wet Shave Club’ on it. A very similar look to the DE89 head from EJ or Muhle. As for the shave it was a bit rough. Not sure if I just had the wrong angle or the blade alignment was off. I used a Rapira SS which seems to be my blade of choice lately so i am pretty sure that wasn’t the culprit. Despite dot being the smoothest shave I did end up with an extremely close shave in the end….maybe the head is just a bit more aggressive than I am used to with my EJ. Also this razor does give a lot of audible feedback. you could hear the blade slicing the whiskers. I know some guys like this and some don’t. I myself can go either way when it comes to audible feedback. Overall a pretty decent razor to come in a shaving box!

The Plisson was the Plisson and performed well, but I think may be relegated to just travel duties as I enjoy my other brushes quite a bit more.

The Thayer’s Rose was once again my choice of Witch Hazel and it made my face very happy. I followed up the rose with the Havana aftershave balm!!! Man, oh man, this stuff is fantastic! My face was left soothed and moisturized to perfection. The subtle tobacco and vanilla scent of the balm really hits my sweet spot. My next search is for a matching aftershave splash or EdT or EdC!

Now for this morning I had to go with one of my top soaps. Fitjar Frost rose! Sadly the soap maker was forced to stop making soaps due to increased restrictions in her home country of Norway. Quite sad as these soaps are awesome and pretty highly regarded by those who have had the chance to use them. THE SHAVE!!!


Razor : Gloria Straight Razor from Solingen

Soap : Fijar Frost Rose

Brush : ZenShave/HTGAM Canada LE

Witch Hazel : Thayer’s rose

Aftershave Balm : Barberry Coast Havana

There are a few reasons that I love this particular soap. The lather, the slickness and most of all the scent. A very real light rose scent. nothing synthetic smelling at all. It smells as if your a smelling a freshly picked rose……I am surprised I love this scent as much as I do. the lather was fantastic and provided enough suds for probably 4-5 passes despite just a 30 second load time.

The Zenshave brush tore into the puck and built the lather like a machine…..WHAT A BRUSH!

The razor sliced and diced the stubble with relative ease. I’m still working on technique and find one day I am very good and the next I am mediocre…..Its the learning curve of straights I guess

The Thayer’s combined with the Barberry Coast Havana finished of a wonderful shave. this Balm is the BOMB!!

All in all a great couple of shaves the past 3 days. It’s nice to try new stuff, but it’s also nice to use those tried and tested soaps that we loved in the past.

Do you guys have a soap that you only use on special occasions or once in a while because you cannot get it anymore? Is it vintage or an LE? Or does this article make you want to use a soap you haven’t given a chance in a while?

‘Stay BBS my friends’ – Me


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