Kickin’ away those WINTER BLUES aka Feelin Green!

In the great white North we get 4 distinct seasons. Currently we are in the middle of a cold and white winter. there doesn’t appear to be any escape on the horizon. So, I decided to go for a nice fresh GREEN shave this morning and bring back memories of a beautiful fall and upcoming spring!

In the wet-shaving world there isn’t anything much greener than PRORASO GREEN! Possibly the most common shave soap available and used worldwide. Why? Its available at most drugstores (shoppers drugmart here in Canada), and even quite a few barber shops carry it. I was introduced to it by my great friend Thor from Norway. He said it was a soap that he always went back to. After using it for a few months I see why. It is a perfect soap for a new wet shaver because it is sooooo easy to lather and it has a nice scent that shouldn’t offend anyone. Also many veteran wet shavers use it because it is a classic. It has been around a long time and smells like what I think a classic barbershop in Italy would smell like….minus the cigarettes. Simply great stuff!! Now the shave!

feb20-2PreShave : Proraso Green

Razor : 1934 Gillette Aristocrat TTO OC

Blade : Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Soap : Proraso Green

Brush : Wolf Whiskers Custom 2-Band

Witch Hazel : Thayer’s Aftershave

Aftershave Balm : Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint

Such an amazing shave today. Nice, easy, smooth BBS! This razor is not only beautiful but shaves wonderfully. Considering its over 80 years old its in fantastic shape and I don’t think Gillette has ever made a better looking razor than the old Crats. This was also the first ever TTO Open comb razor ever produced. I loaded the razor with e New Rapira SS which is becoming a real favorite of mine. A smooth and fairly sharp blade that doesn’t irritate or nick the skin. It is also an affordable blade with sellers on eBay selling them for about $12 shipped for 100.

The custom brush made short work of loading the Proraso and whipping up a great lather on my face. Soft pillowy hairs with just enough backbone for my liking. Did I mention how cool this brush look? Seriously my pics do not do it justice. And it feels absolutely amazing in my hand. great weight and feel and it’s not slippery at all.

As usual I finished off my shave with a warm water rinse off then a cold water splash to close up the pores. Then I applied some Thayer’s aftershave and used my newest balm. Local Gent Eucalyptus mint ASB. this is really nice stuff. I’m very impressed by this small artisan and glad I got this sample. It works very nice with the Proraso soap and will go nicely with my citrus and mint scented soaps as well as cologne scented soaps. it applied very nice and smoothly and absorbed quickly into the skin. my skin feels soft and supple to the touch and not greasy in the least. it’s nice to have a couple of balms to choose from now. The Havana is my top pick but it doesn’t go well with all my soaps. And my QCS balms are loaded with menthol so they are not the best choice in the frozen tundra we call Canada in the winter time.

How do you guys escape the winter blues? Do you say “SCREW IT” and use a summery soap or fragrance to change your mood? Do you wear shorts to work despite knowing the crazy looks you will get and the impending frostbite?

Shave on my friends!! And here is to another great week of shaves that was!



  1. Greg Lemon · February 20, 2015

    Very nice. Very nice indeed

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · February 20, 2015

      Thanks Greg! Glad you enjoyed it. Trying to get my follower #s increased. Cheers


  2. Andy · February 20, 2015

    What’s not to love with Proraso. I recently got the red for another wet shaver and he loves it. Very good value for the price.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · February 20, 2015

      Yep, the price is a big reason its so great. Great value for sure!


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