It’s Humpday and the 3rd day of ‘5 days of Razorock’. The ‘5 days of Razorock’ is an event created by Christopher Bailey on the ‘Shave the Man’ facebook group. It is to show support for Joe who runs http://www.ItalianBarber.com .  If you haven’t noticed after these three posts, I am a pretty big fan of Razorock for a few reasons. Being Canadian there are not too many options when it comes to Canadian online vendors. Secondly shipping from the USA and other countries can be very expensive. Most of all though Razorock is fantastic quality at a bargain price. A great number of shavers say it is one of the best bangs for your buck and I would totally agree.

Now onto today’s shave!!


Razor : Edwin Jagger DE89 head / Ikon Bulldog handle

Blade: Gillette Platinum

Soap : Razorock Zi’Peppino

Brush : Wolf Whiskers Custom 2-Band

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Ja-Lu Toiletries Nights of Izmir

I have to start of by saying that I received this brush in the mail yesterday. It was packaged exquisitely and the box it comes in is simply stunning! I had the pleasure to deal with Peter Wolf on this brush and he was a joy to deal with from our first email until the end. We even spoke on the phone once about the loft of the knot and brush handle dimensions/length. This guy is A+ when it comes to customer service. I was involved 100% in the process. I wanted the brush to have a Hartford Whalers theme. They were my NHL hockey team while I was growing up until they moved to Carolina…Yes Hartford had a hockey team. Peter nailed the colors perfectly. Clearly my picture doesn’t do this brush justice but Peter’s does. I was amazed by the weight of this brush. It is much heavier than I expected and I love that. Perhaps I am just used to the ultra light Plisson, or I am incredibly weak. Amazingly the brush performed great right out of the box with zero break in. I know it will get better and better over the next few shaves, but this knot is super soft and it has some nice backbone as well!!! I will be doing a full brush review in a week or two once it’s completely broken in….however I am sure this brush will be in most of my upcoming SOTD’s!!

WWCustom*as you can see Peter’s photography is far better at shoing the brushes true colors than my own!

The shave itself was smooth and effortless. The stainless steel iKon Bulldog handle is awesome. great weight and knurling really makes shaving with a DE simple. The EJ DE89 head is just such a smooth shaver that is fairly mild. It was my first DE and still a go to razor for me. I would recommend this razor to anyone starting out. I used Razorock Zi’peppino shave soap today. What can I say about this soap. When I received it from a friend I was reluctant to try it and even smell it. “Green Tobacco” just didn’t really peak my interest, but my friend Felix assured me that I would like it. WOW, this soap smelled nothing like I thought it would. It’s a fresh smelling, cologne like scent to me. It is masculine but not overpowering and slightly sweet even. It reminds me of TOBS Eton College. Needless to say this is my absolute favorite Razorock soap….yes even above the almighty XXX.  OK, let’s get back on track, so I loaded the Zi’peppino and face lathered. Got a great thick lather, as I have come to expect from all of Razorocks soaps. The razor cut though the stubble like butter loaded with a Gillette Platinum blade. A very comfortable and quick DFS shave. I finished it with some Thayer’s rose then a small splash of Ja-Lu’s Nights of Izmir.

I am one happy guy this week so far with a couple new soaps and a new brush…..and hopefully there will be a couple more mail calls as well!!

“Who will shave your soul” – Jewel


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