Tobacco #2sday

blogpost2First off I want to thank all the viewers I have had the first day off my new blog!!! Wow! It really makes me want to post quality stuff knowing that there are people following along. Again thank you to everyone who is reading this.

Now onto today’s Shave of the day(SOTD).

Razor : 6/8″ Gloria Razor….made in Solingen Germany

Soap : Razorock Tobacco #2

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Aftershave/Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel + Queen Charlotte Soaps Iced Key Lime(not pictured)

Overall today’s shave was decent, nothing amazing or extraordinary. My face feels really nice, but it just felt a bit rough while I was shaving. Perhaps I was a bit careless with the blade and wasn’t watching my angle of attack. I got a couple of spots of irritation on my cheek which never happens, which points towards poor blade angle.

So today I used the Razorock Tobacco #2. I had posted elsewhere that I thought that the tobacco #1 was more masculine scented than the #2. Well, I take that back. I used the word ‘masculine’ when I should have use BOLD. The #2 scent is more smokey, while the #1 is more bold and in your face. The scent of #2 seemed to fade away much faster than #1. It lathered and performed pretty much identically to #1 as well, so it’s a toss-up on performance. Basically the scent on these is a personal preference. The Tobacco #2 is subtle and smokey and floral. Very nice scent which you could put any aftershave on it as it isn’t strong enough post shave to change an aftershave scent. The one thing I didn’t mention yesterday and was confirmed today was just how easy it is to load the brush with these two new soaps. About 20 seconds of loading the Plisson Synthetic today and about 35 seconds on the boar yesterday provided enough lather for probably 4-5 passes.

While some wet shavers like Chris Bailey(TSEvangelist) refer to the Plisson Synthetic as ‘The brush of the gods’  I will just got it a really nice brush. Is it soft? OH MY is it ever soft…..the softest brush I have ever felt. Also it dries extremely fast making it perfect for travel! Its one downfall for me is the lack of backbone. Yes it has some, but my personal preference is a bit more backbone so I can feel the knot scrubbing my face a bit more and working up the lather. However the Plisson is a beast at making lather and loading off the puck. I do use it quite often and would highly recommend it to anyone. It can be had in L’occitaine stores in the USA for around $30 I believe. I think in Canadian stores it’s still over $50 but I could be mistaken. Well worth it regardless of which price you pay for it in my opinion.

I finished my shave off with Thayer’s aftershave witch hazel. This is something I do every time I shave. All the Thayer’s products are fantastic and really leave my skin feeling soft and tightened up(but not drying). As a last minute add after I had taken my picture I decided to put on some QCS aftershave balm. The iced Key Lime smells like real lime, and not synthetic. It is very highly mentholated but left my face feeling awake and supple and nicely moisturized. I realize it feels like it is about -20 degrees here in Nova Scotia so a mentholated product may not have been the best choice, but I really love this stuff!!!

As the Great Neil Young once said “Keep on Shaving in the free world”

*note that 85% of the things you read on the internet are not true



  1. Andy WC · February 11, 2015

    Glad to see you enjoy your Thayer’s Witch Hazel Scott. It’s definitely top notch. I have the lemon one. Once I use up all my A/S, I plan to just stick to Witch Hazel. It doesn’t dry out the skin. About the Plisson, they are out of stock here in Toronto and they were selling for 35 Cdn. from last year. I don’t really care since, like you, I prefer a synthetic with a bit more backbone. It is still a wonderful brush though. My favourite is currently Mühle black fibre and Silvertip fibre. Have a good evening!


    • froogle_jimmy · February 11, 2015

      $35cdn is awesome for that brush. I will have to check out the shop next time I’m in Halifax. Maybe even pick another up if its that price.

      I just got a new custom brush in the mail today!!! So i think I may be good for brushes for a bit.
      As for Thayer’s I enjoy the lemon as well. Especially in the summer when i tend to use more citrus scents. I recommend using the Witch hazel after every shave….wait a couole minutes then put on your aftershave. The witch hazel scent will be dissapated by then.


      • Andy WC · February 11, 2015

        Just be aware Scott that once it’s sold out at the stores down your way, from my understanding, they won’t be replaced. After talking to the lady at L’Occitane in Toronto, they aren’t supplying the brushes any longer. HOpe I’m wrong. AS I said, I don’t have or need the Plisson, but if it came back I would buy it on the hype alone!! LOL

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