February 9th SOTD/mini review

blogpost1I hope posts like this will be a daily occurrence Monday through Friday.  I will list the products I used and have a brief review of certain products that I used. Here we go for SOTD #1

Razor : George Wostenholm and Sons XXL

Soap : Razorock Tobacco #1

Brush : Semogue Owners Club Boar

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28

Bowl : Running Raven done by a local artist from BC

Todays shave was FANTASTIC! Every piece of software worked well together and the hardware were superb. The Tobacco #1 by Razorock is a newly released soap and I got my hands on both #1 and #2. I will admit that I was hoping for a smoking tobacco scent….this is not the case. What it is is a tobacco flower scent. Very floral and powdery and similar to Tabac(which I love), but a bit more masculine. I personally like the scent the more I smell it and use it. This was shave number two with the soap and I am pretty sure Joe from Razorock/Italian Barber has a winner on his hands. This soap happens to be the argan(argania) oil formula. Previously I had never used this formula by Razorock and only used the veggie(Zi’Peppino) and Tallow(XXX). I must say I really, really enjoy this formula. It produced a thick, slick lather and the scent really comes out when lathered. It’s tough to say but after 2 shaves I think this may be my new top Razorock soap……which says a lot because I love Zi’peppino.

As for the brush I cannot say enough about the Semogue owners Club(SOC). It just keeps getting better with every shave as it breaks in. I was influenced by quite a few people on instagram and the forums that this is a ‘must have’ brush. They were right. For under $30 shipped you cannot go wrong. It is a lather machine whether you face lather or bowl lather. By far the best boar brush I have owned.

As for the Thayer’s rose I use it after every shave and love all of Thayer’s witch Hazel products. I would not shave without it. The Bay Rum is spectacular and I will do a full review of this in the near future as it deserves the spotlight! The Wostenholm razor is an old razor I got honed by a guy(Josh) in Halifax from Gringhouse HFX. It’s a nice 5/8″ shaver that is super nimble and easy to work with.

Overall this was a great DFS(damn fine shave) shave. From razor to aftershave, and everything in between I really enjoyed it all.

*Have a question or comment?? Please post in the comments and I will reply when I can.



  1. Andy WC · February 10, 2015

    Hey Scott. Very nice blog. I’m Andy from Canadian Wet Shavers. You will also see me on Shave The Man and Razor and Brush. I thought it would be cool to be the first one to comment on your new blog. Hope you get lots of great feedback here. I own the Omega 48 boar brush and love it. Boar brushes are definitely underrated in my opinion. Mine is great. However, I’ve become a synthetic brush lover. I plan on getting a large silver tip fibre Muhle soon enough. Have a great evening.


    • froogle_jimmy · February 10, 2015

      Thank you for the kind words. I dont have an omega but recommend them to people starting out as you can pick them up at Shoppers Drug mart. As a fellow canuck i know you know hiw hard it is to find stuff in brick and mortar shops. I have heard great stuff about the Muhle STF V2 brushes. I hear the Edwin Jaggers use the sane knot(I could be wrong) and cost a good deal less as well. I would also like to get an EJ or Muhle to compare to my Plisson.


      • Andy WC · February 10, 2015

        You are right about Edwin Jagger making the same knot as the Muhle STF. Some say the EJ synth knot is slightly denser than the Muhle. I personally think they would be one and the same. I could have gotten the Plisson but they ran out of them here in Toronto. Presently I have the Muhle black fibre synth which lathers amazingly. It’s the lowly hjm model.


      • froogle_jimmy · February 10, 2015

        I can check here next time im in Halifax for the plisson. I think they arent on sale like in the usa though. $50+ at l’occitane…is that right?


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