Welcome to The Canuck Shaver

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my CanuckShaver blog.

While it may be called CanuckShaver I am very international when it comes to wetshaving.

So first I’d like to share a little bit about myself and my wet shaving hobby. I am in my mid 30’s and am a pretty active person. I have a wife and son who mean the world to me and are my passion in life. My other passions are running, golf, hockey, baseball, and cycling to name just a few. And of course I absolutely love wet shaving!!!

My wet shaving journey began just after Christmas in 2013. My father gave me a shavette after seeing me watching videos on straight razor shaving. I borrowed a brush and some and shaved in a dimly lit bathroom with the shavette. Needless to say my first shave was far from perfect and may have looked a bit like a crime scene…however I was hooked. It felt manly to shave with such a razor. It was enjoyable which was something I had never gotten from shaving with a cartridge in my entire life. A couple of weeks later I bought my first DE(double edge) razor joined a shaving forum and was hooked.

I’m now over a year into this hobby and have owned close to 30 DE razors, 15 straight razors and a couple of shavettes. Most of which I have given to friends or sold. As much as I love trying new hardware I also like getting others started in this great hobby. Just think….how many other hobbies can you participate in daily? All the sports I love are weather dependent for the most part. Wet shaving can be done any day, anytime, anywhere.

If this blog can help anyone on their journey in wet shaving or convince someone to give it a shot I will be very happy. I plan to do product reviews, post my shave of the days with thoughts on what I used, and perhaps do some Q and A’s with some well known wet shavers if I can steal a few minutes of their time. Of course if anyone has any questions or ideas please shoot me an email @ froogle_jimmy@hotmail.com or comment on a post. I will try to answer every question as best I can or direct you to where you can find an answer.

Wetshaving is very much a ‘your results may very’ hobby. So my opinions won’t be the same as the next persons, but they will be honest. I am not affiliated with any company so I wont rave about anything that I don’t truly believe deserves it.

Shave on my friends!!!




  1. Thor · February 9, 2015

    Congrats with the blog!
    I will follow this site, interesting to read about your experiences and what people think about different shaving gear. I must say, as a professionel barber, that I’m impressed about all the different opinions that people have about one product. I think, there are not many bad products today. But it’s a big different hove to use them. And when you start using them right, they work out perfect for the most of the people. I sell a lots of different stuff. And what do clients ask about when they are buying a new soap, or a new aftershave? The smell. And that tells me that the moust people are confident about the product quality. If you have a soap that don’t works for you, you probably should work a little bit more on it. More water, less water. It’s the same about DE razors. It’s all in the technique. The blade can do some differents for sure, and some like heavy razors, and some light, but its most in the technique.
    Sorry about the bad English, but I hope you understand.
    Happy shaving!
    Best regards


    • froogle_jimmy · February 9, 2015

      Cheers Thor, I must say you hit the nail on the head. There are a ton of great products out there. From artisans to big companies.


  2. Mike @ The Path to Smoothness · February 13, 2015

    Congratulations on the blog, you’ve certainly hit the ground running!

    Wet shaving is forcing its way back into the mainstream and the choice is unbelievable so I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts to come.

    Keep up the good work & Stay Smooth!


    • froogle_jimmy · February 13, 2015

      Cheers my friend. You are right in that Wet shaving is making its way back to the mainstream!!

      I also really enjoy your blog!! very informative stuff


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